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Quote: Originally Posted by Twinklefae A little OT but are there truly women out there who care one way or the other? As long as the man had a penis I was never too fussy about whether he was circ'd or not. My DF is not but I can't imagine preferring one or the other? I've been with men who were and who were not. The only difference I ever noticed was in their own enjoyment. :
Awesome belly shots! I may have to take some more this weekend...
I need to get a cheap, long (at least enough to cover my butt) sleep shirt. Sounds a heck of a lot cheaper (if somewhat less trendy) than a binsi skirt. I won't be in a hospital or birthing center, but there will be other people (including my children) around, so naked doesn't appeal to me now. Of course, if naked starts to appeal to me during transition, naked I'll be.
Count me in. I'm 5'6", almost 33 weeks preggo, and already carrying around over 9 pounds of baby, with 3-7 more weeks to go!! HOLY MOLY! Sometimes I think I AM going to explode!
Yeah, I've heard of getting a pack of men's undershirt tanks and cutting slits in the front for boob access, and then wearing them under regular clothing. I never bought a lot of nursing clothes, but I usually got a dress or two with nursing access since that was something I never could figure out how to do with regular dresses...
I have a heating thing like a rice sock, and I have used it and abused it throughout the second half of this pregnancy! On my lower back, and once or twice on mylower abdomen (trying to get at some of that pelvic pain). I notice the babies fight it if I keep it on my tummy while too hot, and I"ll just move it. But I think that unless you're raising your total body temperature to a REALLY high temp, you're fine, especially at 18 weeks!
At 20 weeks, I was measuring 28, and I consistently measured 8 weeks ahead until my last appointment. By 30.5 weeks, I was measuring 41, so I'm now at about 10 weeks ahead.
Headless friends make for great internet photos!! I photoshopped it quickly just in case she didn't want me putting her all over the internet.
Okay, I actually made it to March 28 without forgetting! Yahoo! So, the spotlight shines now on Sommer (if she's still around-- she hasn't posted since December!!), and I have a few questions... 1) How many children do you have? If someone had asked you when you were in high school how many you would have, would the current number of children surprise you? 2) What is your biggest concern about your upcoming birth? 3) What are the last few things you've done...
Well, I'm getting down to the line as far as time until birth, and my hgb levels are slowly rising, so I may be going a little overboard on the supplements, but I REALLY want to get my levels up before the babies come! Here's what I've been doing: - liquid chlorophyll (started at beginning of pregnancy) - floradix (started in Feb when I first tested low hgb) - slow fe iron (started in March, when I had only gone from a 9 to a 9.3 since February) - beet powder...
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