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You should be good, I think the standard bolt sizes are 45 or 60 inches wide. Just check the label on top, it'll tell you the width and fiber content.
No advice really, we're sort of going through the same deal with my mom/sis although thank goodness we don't live with them anymore.
Oh I want to be! Send some inspiration my way :
I Ravelry too! I'm fruitloops over there.
Very cool My ds is very into spiders/bugs right now (so is dh for that matter lol) The link has an extra http:// in it, just take that off and it works
Wow I'm just speachless! Wow... Everything is just awesome, you def deserve to be proud!
Oh great, I just checked and the bottle of western family dosn't even have an ingredients list! Ick. Thanks for pointing that out! I really had no clue...
: Great ideas everyone. I'm going to have to give them a try, my face has been horrible since having ds2.
That was beautiful! I loved the sink pic, my boys love playing in the sink lol.
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