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A Google search for Dawn Rogula brings up Phone: 239-601-4002.   I love this homebirth montage that Dawn attended - http://vimeo.com/28503018   Cathy Matthews' number is coming up as P: (941) 351-2102  
Story about the FDA raiding a birth center in 2008 relating to placenta capsules for those who weren't aware:   Florida Department Of Health Joint Investigation Leads To Federal Search Warrant In Miami   http://www.wctv.tv/home/headlines/36945319.html
The next article in the series is called:   Certification for placenta encapsulation. Why bother?  
PBi also participates in scientific research.  Anyone considering encapsulating placentas or having their placenta encapsulated, weighing options, can check this article out when choosing.   Using a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist - Why does it matter?   http://blog.placentabenefits.info/index.php/2010/05/certified-placenta-specialist-why/
State laws prohibit preparing beef jerky in your home to be sold and consumed elsewhere unless your kitchen is inspected and licensed, though.  If not, would like to know which state.  
There are no commissions for PBi specialists taken from anyone.  I've been with PBi since 2008 and the organization has brought placenta encapsulation mainstream.    I don't transport organs because I'm not legally licensed to do it, so I do not pick up placentas or drop capsules off when finished.  I do not encapsulate in my home because of state laws that prohibit preparing meaty foods outside of an inspected and licensed kitchen facility.  Instead, I provide the...
There's a VBAC Summit coming to Miami.  I live a couple hours away and it looks like it will be really nice.  There's a speaker list on the website www.vbacsummit.org.  There was a summit last year, too, but I missed it.
Dawn was my home birth midwife for my fourth baby in 2009.  She drove an hour to my home from Naples and was punctual for each prenatal.  She came to my home at 2am when I decided it was time.  My family and I were happy with our care.   Give her a call for an interview and decide if you are comfortable with her responses to your concerns.
PBi changed format of network membership for specialists over a year ago http://placentabenefits.info/network_options.asp.  The quotas were short-lived idea to try to motivate members to spread the word and educate the community- it was never strict.  The correct, current information is that there are no quotas or required monthly fees to be associated with PBi.
^^^Yea that. I was just down at the health dept yday to get mine and didn't say I wanted a religious or medical... just asked for a vaccine exemption form and they gave me one. Hope your visit with them goes smooth - our wait was really long. Bummer.
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