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Anyone? We just moved back, and I'm trying to get connected here. I don't know anyone IRL here that is into a natural/organic lifestyle. My kids are 0,2,4,6, and 8 (five kiddos). All my lifestyle choices make me stick out like a sore thumb to those we know here (homebirth, homeschool, delay/selective vax, etc.). I would love to meet another family that practices a natural way of parenting.
I have used Mary Alexander from Birth Works twice now. I love Kim also, as she assisted at both of the births. Cora from Birthworks did our placenta encapsulation for us.
I would like a pediatrician in LR for my kiddos. We delay/selectively vax, so that is a consideration. We are just moving back there from out of state, and had used AR Pediatric Clinic in the past. During that time we fully vaxed, and I do not know how much pressure they put on you. We would be fine with them, but I would prefer recommendations that are laid back about the vax schedule. Thanks! Marci
www.queenhomeschool.com I think this is the one that makes it easiest to follow. www.simplycharlottemason.com is very helpful as well. www.amblesideonline.org has loads of reading/info for you. I have to admit, though, that I got overwhelmed with this one and gave up on CM emphasis for a while when I was using this one. I think it is very helpful, but you might want to tweak. Really, the first one I listed is the easiest way to get going w/CM, I think.
Real Science 4 Kids DH is a biochemist PhD, and he approves. ODS loves it, and he's the age of your DD.
LOL, Lizzie, we were just there, too! We were there Feb 7-9th and just got back. DH is in love with it there. I think that there are holistic/natural minded folks there, so that shouldn't be a problem (I learned about food co-ops and the like while we were there). It's a tough decision for us as it brings us very far away from our families. I guess that's the main thing that is making us think long and hard about this. We are having a baby in mid-August, so...
We are seriously considering a job opportunity for DH in Logan, UT. Unfortunately, Cache Valley has the problem of major air pollution in the winter. We are having a baby in mid-August, and I'm wondering what the impact might be for my 5-6 month old when the inversion is happening next winter? Does it increase the chance of SIDS or any other problems for infants that are exposed? We are considering me staying with my parents in another part of the country for that...
Hi, My DH just interviewed there, so we might be moving there this summer. This is his favorite place of all the ones he's interviewing, so he's trying to sway me over there. We homeschool, so that's my main concern in a town/city that size finding HS friends. ETA: Looking at your siggie, it looks like we have a lot in common. What area are you going into at USU?
We are currently sending my children to a wonderful program in our area for gifted kids on Saturdays. We are going to be moving out of state, and I am not sure the best way to go about finding similar ones in the new areas. I do know that SIG isn't offered in any of the places. We homeschool, so this program has been very important for us. DH is interviewing in Oklahoma City, Omaha, Lincoln NE, Logan UT, Laramie WY, and Pittsburgh. I am tempted to vacation here...
Susie Meeks is supposed to be wonderful!!!
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