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to liz. I wish I had advice for you (all of you really) but right now I'm there too. I've decided our present goal won't be to night wean. Instead we're going to work on falling asleep without a nipple in DS's mouth. I let him nurse on each side twice (I know from pumping that he get's a lot more milk the second time on each boob) and when he get's to the last side I warn him, last one then night night nursey" then when he stops actively nursing or asks to switch...
I should have read all the way first. AYW...who is still R. in my mind: I have no idea what to type. I just want to hug you and cry with you. I'm so glad your little girl is such a blessing to you but just so saddened by your story. Life can be such a heady mix of grief and beauty. Words just aren't enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by zoebird when i potty hawk, i just hold him over it, him facing the back. i used the sing for a long time when he was little, and a small container (a square one from wipes because it was easier to hold between my knees. he's too big for that now, though). we sold our house and are moving out Dec 18. we hope that the visa comes through between now and then. it should, so long as the FBI cooperates. ryan's finger prints...
Quote: Originally Posted by PiePie who else is nursing a 2 yo? Still nursing some days it's other days it's Hugs Steph. Glad you found ladies who were happy to help out!
Welcome baby Reece!!! Congrats Shanna, uh...DH, and Fenton!!! 2lbs more...holy moly!! Nice work!!
Shanna: I certainly hope you're enjoying Ku right by now! Can't wait to hear all about it when you find a free minute!
Yay! You'll do great Shanna!
Quote: Originally Posted by LianneM From what I've read, it has more to do with genetics and sugar consumption. This is what my FIL who is a dentist and an AP supporter says.
DS is 26 mo and only nurses to sleep (nap and night) and on and off through the night. I have no idea how much because it doesn't always wake me. Often I'll wake in the morning and find a boy sleeping at my breast and wonder how all that happened without me noticing. I really enjoy nursing this much but I am SICK of eating gluten free. The other day I had three malted milkballs and he skipped his nap nursing and he still got sick the next day. So, I don't know...
Quote: Originally Posted by farmama not lurking to keep an eye on Shanna ditto And I didn't have a pooping problem. It was a little tricky but nothing like pushing a baby! Back to homework.
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