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Quote: Originally Posted by PiePie arelyn, I do not understand. Is there any airline that does not require you to buy a seat for a child 2+? Because Kai will be 2 by the time any bean appears... On international flights under threes are lap "babies". Maybe all their parents are fibbing about their ages. IDK I just know...oh nevermind...Kai's freaking out from comptuer jealousy.
Quote: Originally Posted by PiePie arelyn, why bad timing? We were just planning our next excursion overseas and the timing will put all our plans out of whack and make traveling on an airplane more complicated (two lap travelers to juggle or three tickets to pay for). It's no huge deal though.
Quote: Originally Posted by PiePie keboard falling apar because dd hrew shoe frusraed from high heels LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't going to say anything but, guess what Shanna...me too!! We had a dumb condom user error and then I ovulated later that day (assumig that familiar twinge still means what it used to mean). I thought nothing of it but then the day before yesterday I was drinking apple juice and threw up and was nauseous most of the...
::Welcome Sebastian!!!:: Congratulations on getting the birth you worked so hard for!!!
AsYouWish: I was trying to think of something so say but I'm at a total loss for words. Just know that were here for you!!
Assuming he's intact, check out his foreskin and see which way it's pointing (well, if there's no rush). Kai's get's stuck to the side, or worse yet, caught between his thigh fat rolls (which aims it back at me!). If it's quite crooked very, very gently pull it to straighten it out. Well, pull is much too strong of a word (it makes scary images go through my mind) but I can't think of a better discription. Just straighten it out and be careful when you do it! Learning...
My 16 month old doesn't really care either. Actually he does better if he's wearing clothes or his favourite diaper (he wore it for 36 hours!) because there's no fun puddle to play in. We've been dressing him in just sweat pants/long undies and keeping an extra towel around to mop up puddles.
Kai wears hand-me-down sweat pants or long underware when he's going diaperless (unless I overload the woodstove and it get's too hot, then he's happy to be naked).
Kai went through the same phase about the same time. The only way he'd happily potty is if he was nursing. It took him a bit longer to outgrow but he did and I also have no clue why. I'd just let out a nice relaxing sigh and tell him I loved him and that he was safe, I wouldn't drop him, whatever came to mind. And usualy he'd go. After a while he'd actually wait until I told him I loved him and whispered sweet nothings in his ear before peeing.
Quote: Originally Posted by farmama i need to x-post, but any thoughts on discouraging the top-of-the-lungs piercing screaming that my lo has taken to lately? i've tried ignoring, offering a "safe" place that she can do all her screaming, calmly explaining that it really upsets me, and sternly telling her that she needs to stop it. anyone?? Bueller? Kai only did that scream when he needed help with something. Even something ridiculously...
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