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I've gone through this, too-including the spaghetti strings, with my son Caleb-now 15yrs old. My baby was a preemie as well,born at 34 weeks. I didn't have him with me. The nipple shield worked well when he started nursing at 2 weeks. I pumped and pumped, too. The more he nursed, the better it was, even though my nipples were very, very sore, cracked and bleeding. It was worth it. Have her put lots of lanolin on, too. Also eat yogurt(plain), and put a dab of yogurt in...
I use microfiber towels. I bought a 25 pk in BJ's Wholesale for $14.99. I use two folded in thirds in my homemade pockets. If I run low on my pockets, I use my homemade AIO's with a doubler and a microfiber towel behind it folded in thirds. They work extraordinarily well!
well-it takes a while for urges to "come back" because of the breastfeeding, it's true-but it never really "goes away". There are other ways to be intimate without the sex. That's one way of keeping close to your spouse.
I bought 23 yds of power dry for $1/yd(at Emerald Citi Textile online), but I'm afraid to use it to make a pocket dipe! It seems as though it won't work-it's so thin! I'd hate to make a diaper and find it doesn't work!
I've gotten some great deals on fleece at wm. I actually got some fleece at 48yds/$1- my total costs were 4 cents, 16cents, and the like- it was a happy few days I spent visiting there, and my closet is chock full of fleece for the next 3 yrs of diapering, plus beyond-for my special needs daughter who will be in diapers for a good 10 years, if not forever.
I think it would be cute to put on after a bath for a few minutes, while I'm running around to gather ds's stuff, in case he decides to go....he always seems to get ME after a bath, ya know???
DH is more broken up about this than the kids. He's the skywatcher!
It made a big difference to me. The old Gerber pump I had just didn't cut it. It was OLD, about 15 yrs old. I got a new Ameda double breast pump 2 yrs ago, and it is heavenly!! When my 2 yo dd was in the hospital a few weeks ago, they wouldn't let me keep the baby with me(he was almost 2 months then) I got my pump from home, and was pumping at least 6-10oz each side each time! I have over a quart stored in the freezer in case of emergency now, and with dd having birth...
We have 10 so far, so I'm in. We drive a GMC Safari, so we don't all fit at the same time. I usually get my sister, a neighbor or my mom to bring kids somewhere if we need to all be there. We have a 2 yr old daughter with spina bifida, so I also need room for her wheelchair stander-so I lose 2 seats that way, because the back of the van doesn't even open. We desperately need a bigger vehicle, but as you might guess, we have NO money, and no way to get one. We've got an...
I want to try this-but I'm afraid I'll screw it up. I have a very heavy wetter, but only ONE sweater to try it with......dare I?????
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