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I actually saw some at Tha Rag Shop!
We got the Maytag Neptune FL, HE machine. I love it. Instead of fabric softener, I use vinegar. Keeps all the diapers nice and clean!
I also use a FB with doubled up microfiber towels, plus a flannel doubler. My son is a heavy, heavy wetter at 2 months, and this usually works well.
Oh, boy... I can't even imagine! I'll try to figure it out, though...I've breastfed all my kids for nearly a year and a half each. The least amount of time was 13 months-my last child. This new baby is only 2 months old, sooooo-8 children @ 30 ounces a day for 18months, and 1 child @ 30 oz for 13 months, plus another 2 months...131,160oz+11,850oz+1,800oz=144,810oz(divi ded by 128oz per gallon)=1131.328125 GALLONS of milk!!!Holy cow-and I feel like a cow now...
I gave up on AIO's and made pockets, too. It's not worth the trouble...
I tried to edit my post but it wouldn't go through. I just realized YOU also have an allergy-duh! Okay, here's what I found: http://www.sewsassy.com/Pages/Elastic.html Look for this at the bottom of the page... Latex free elastic for those who are latex intolerant. We try to obtain the contents of elastic to identify those that are latex free. Listed below are links to descriptions of elastics that do not include latex. Clear Elastic 100% Polyurethane....
My daughter has spina bifida, and a questionable latex allergy.She was "burned" by elastic when she was small. First off, I want to say that I discovered that Pampers, Luvs, and Huggies have no latex in them. That said, if you make your own diapers, you just need to make sure the elastic is covered completely. I make pockets now, so the elastic's in the leg gusset, totally covered.I've done it for 2 years with no problems.
I voted snap-in, but I've only ever made my AIO's with them sewn-in. They take tooooooo darn long to dry, and I just don't like them anymore.
I followed a FB knock-off for a pattern, and LOVE it! I'm still tweaking it, but it'll do...for now!
I've only made flannel AIO's before this baby(#10). Those worked fine for the last 5 kids, but I was really tired of the wetting through all the time. This time I'm making pocket dipes with a waterproof outer liner-like raincoat material, but has that scratchy sound when you rub your nails over it. I've been using MM microfleece for the inners, and I LOVE it! No staining, no pilling! I use microfiber towels for the stuffing. I wish I had done this in the beginning!
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