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I don't either. I have one of the kids do something for me, especially if I have to sit and nurse! Our home is constant chaos. I just try and control it a bit.
No way-I wouldn't use them. They're way too rough on skin, though very absorbent. I use them in my homemade pocket diapers.
Dawn is what I use, in the foaming pump.
this is NEAT!!! I'll have to start making maybe a diaper a month for the next few months...I'd love to be a part of this, too.
I always invoke God's name. Of course, now that I have 10 kids, people ASSUME I'm done. You know what happens when you assume...
Ummm sleep-not much! Aaron is up every 2-3 hrs all night, and all day he wants to be held. I feel like I'm getting nothing done at all!
I actually saw FOE at the local Rag Shop last week!!!
I miss the baby moving around in there the most! He is so strong that he bruised me 5 times from the inside out, though. THAT I don't miss! Heather, enjoying life with dh, the first 9, and #10 born 6/19/06!
I had a c-section last baby(#9), and it also got infected. The nurse gave me great advice. She said to blow-dry the area, and then put a pantiliner on my underwear(stuck to the inside) to absorb any moisture. Just make sure they aren't deodorant ones. It worked well, and I healed nicely after that. Hope this helps! Heather, enjoying life with dh, the first 9, and now#10!(6/19/06)
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