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Quote: Originally Posted by St. Margaret : I was wondering about this as well. I've been thinking seriously about BumGenius for my future babes, but I was worried about those for when the baby is at her tiniest. I also thought about doing disposables at first and didn't like the idea. I was thinking a few fitted newborns and maybe prefolds... trying to keep the costs down, but I like the idea of the ones with good resale value. SIGH I might just...
Congrats! Welcome, William!!Our sons were born nearly the same time! My tenth,Aaron, was born 6/19 at 4:19pm. What a neat birth story! Enjoy him! Heather
Congrats! I'm glad he got here safely, and you're doing well!
Good job!
She is TOO precious! I just love the dipe on her, too!!!
She's too cute!
is in a mama-made flannel AIO with pastel footprints. I really need to make the elastic tighter in the legs though. I always seem to make them too loose!
I only gained 2 lbs, but I was overweight to start with. I weighted 172 before giving birth to our tenth baby(6/19/06), and I'm now down to 156. I have 30 pounds to lose! I'm going to do it this time.....I reallly AM!! I hope to lose at least another 10 pounds by my 6 week check-up!
It worked for me! I'd try a VBAC again, if we got pg again with #11, too!
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