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I've only been visiting the cd'ing forums, and decided to pop on over. I've always part time cd'ed. This time I'm going to exclusively. I'm due on June 29th with our tenth baby. We have 5 girls and 4 boys. Aaron Michael will be our 5th boy! We're tied once again! I go for an ultrasound next Thursday to check placenta location. If all is well, I will have a VBAC.(I had to have a c-section with my last baby because of her birth defects.) We have one special needs...
I admire you for doing what you are doing. I plan to do the same for my daughter, who is only 2yrs old, but has spina bifida, and will likely not be toilet trained before 10 yrs, and will have incontinence problems throughout her life. Since I am in the beginning stages of learning about all of the different fabrics, et al,and only using cloth diapers on her now, and her soon to be arriving little brother(our #10 child) I'm no help, but I wanted to commend you for...
Has anyone used Power dry fleece in their diaper-making? I just bought a 23.2yd roll for $1 a yd-I just couldn't pass it up, and plan to use it for diapers for my #10 baby, a ds due June 29th, and my dd,2yrs, with spina bifida, who will probably be in diapers till she's 10 or so. Any input would be helpful. Thanks! Heather
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