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DH put up a dog run for a clothes line and it works great! I can get it really tight, it's easy to retract, and it can hold 2 large area rugs without really sagging. He bought the kit from Hope Depot for around $20.
I don't own EFLF yet, but I'm here to take notes if that's okay!
After researching a ton over the last few days I was able to answer my own question. CO attacks candida and can cause bloating, constipation, headache, lethargy, etc if you have a candida problem - which I know I do. I have lost a few pounds, and I feel terrible, but I'm fighting through this so I can hopefully overcome 15+ years of digestion issues I've had.
I started taking 1 T of CO twice daily 3 days ago, and I'm having the total opposit effect. I'm bloated, constipated, and have gained 2 lbs in 3 days. Anyone have a similiar experience? We eat a pretty healthy TF diet. I have 15 lbs to lose w/a 8-month-old nursling. I was fine with not losing to have the benefits of CO, but I don't want to gain!!!!
I was started on 90 mg of Armour last Saturday. I noticed the hair loss on Tuesday. Hopefully it's just PP b/c hair loss was not one of my symptoms before. The endo only did one blood test at my request, and after he made the comment "someone's been spending a little too much time online...." To which I responded, "Just as any informed consumer would." That shut him up.
Sorry for all the updates - but you all seem to be the most informed group I have found. I crashed. Days 1-3 were great, Days 4-5 were horrible, and today is just okay. I know my body is adjusting, and the first 3 days gave me such hope of a normal life. I also have a question for you all: Hair loss was NOT one of my symptoms before, but the last few days I've noticed that I'm losing quite a bit. I'm also 4.5 months PP - how do I know if it's my thyroid,...
I thought I would come back and update. 2.5 weeks ago I started a gluten free diet, and saw the effects from that within a week. I felt a little more energized, and my blood sugar seemed to stabilize. We already ate really healthy, but going GF seemed to help in quite a few areas. I went to the endo last Monday, and he tried telling me many times that it was postpartum depression, and having 3 kids under the age of 4 will make one tired. I asked him if you can...
Does anyone have any experience with Reverse T3?
I just talked to my CNP and she said the same thing about the Iodine - avoid it all costs right now b/c we don't know what we're dealing with. She detoxes women who have heavy metal toxins, and with a family history of thyroid cancer and a child on the spectrum she does not want DD to have any additional risks. However, I am definitely open to the idea when I'm not nursing. I lived on a farm with a very old well, and then moved to a city where I constantly drank tap...
Quote: Originally Posted by PaulaJoAnne One thing that contributes to the brain fog, is very high levels of estrogen, which is part of the cycle. Low thyroid/adrenals, high estrogen. Have you noticed at O time, if you feel a little better? Or do you O infrequently? Paula Yes, yes, yes! I do NFP and I have noted that a few days around ovulation I feel better, and it is literally the only time of the month that I have any desire at all (still...
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