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Quote: Originally Posted by Mamato3wild ponnie I'm not getting a shower and would love to get anything at this point. We dont have the money to buy anything either. This is #4 for me...but last ds is already 3 1/2...so everything i have is from then. Someone mentioned a after baby party...but right now anything would be helpful and would help cheer this mama up. Plus i'm paying out of pocket for my homebirth. So we are really in a bind. Yes... be greatful...
I've been feeling the same thing since 35 weeks and am now at 38 wks 3 days with the baby still cooking.
Welcome Baby Colin and Congratulations!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mommy StormRaven Is it REALLY such a big deal to put on somethign that he likes? Seriously - I knwo it's not the most fun for you but in terms of intimacy you need to maybe think of it in a different way. DH LOVES when I dress up for him - even though I'm not always the most comfortable doing it. and our relationship suffered because of that. It's a simple thing, and whether YOU think it shows intimacy or not it may very...
Our kids will all have an Old Testament name. We didn't plan for that in the beginning, but out of all of the name choices those three were just their names. I have: DS1 - Elias Xavier (Middle name after his Daddy) DS2- Josiah Nikolas (Middle name after my first name) DD1 - Selah Raelle (Middle name a form my middle name that has been in the family 6 generations)
I know you didn't ask how to store them, but I found a great solution on what to do with them.... I took one of those plastic zip bags that sheets come in and keep the cute bags in there with folded tissue paper. The zipped bag keeps them nice and contained. I have been saving and reusing for two years and have saved so much $$$ not buying bags/wrapping paper. The ones that I wouldn't reuse I use them for other things like previous posters mentioned.
I haven't posted, but I'm drinking a RRL pregnancy mix that I make myself. It is 5 pts RRL, 2 pts Nettle, 1 pt alfalfa, and 1 pt peppermint. I drink 3 qts of this mix a day at 38 weeks.
I'm sorry about your Papaw, Kati. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as your prepare for and travel to the funeral. ((((HUGS))))
CONGRATULATIONS! I love their names! I'm so glad that they are all doing well and are healthy!
I have had what you're describing in all three pregnancies, but just got an answer as to what is going on in my case. Vasospasms
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