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We just use rosetta stone but no one here speaks conversationally.  I know that is critical but I am not sure how to bridge that gap.
On examining out homeschool journey, I feel the one thing lacking is the kids' second language development.  My oldest is far past the age when I hoped he would be comfortable using Spanish.  We are open to an immersion trip but the results of an immersion trip google search are very intimidating..... HELP!!! (please!)
I only know that the kids who used it loved it and that it is really fun because of the comic book look of it all.  I don't know about the content.... :)
I tried Singapore and really didn't get why everyone loves it.  Granted it was 7 years ago and I on;y tried it for a young grade. I LOVE Math Mammoth and so does DH who has a math degree.  It is challenging and covers all elementary math by the end of 6th grade. (No 7th grade math so they go straight into pre-algebra)  Be ready to let it go if you have one who might struggle.  But that is the beauty of homeschooling.  HTH!
The Mercy Watson books by Kate DiCamillo are fantastic!!!  Last I checked there are 6  :)
I highly recommend Writing with Ease for reluctant writers.  My DS struggled BIG time for years and I tried many methods (and love to write myself), and found it to be structured in an accessable way and 3 years later we are almost finished with the program and it WORKS!  Plus it is affordable... Another positive is that the writer just published the next series so that we can continue it through middle school.  Good luck!  
I love sonlight.  We have been using it for years and years for reading and SS.  WTM does have a lot of workbook type work but that works for me because of limited time.  It has all of the important stuff really well taught taking up very little time so that we have more time for all of the other stuff that I think is more important. Hey, people really like OM and I would never say anything bad about it.  Just jumping in saying how much WTM has done for my family.  But...
WTM would only have kids under 1st grade working on reading and that is all.  I like that they wean kids into more rigorous academics.  And to that end, the curriculums they recommend are pretty concise so that you are not spending tons of time on anything at young ages.  OM may be great, I wouldn't know.  But reread WTM before you toss it out.  
vegsource.com under homeschool swap as well  :)  
I am sure people will have a ton of great suggestions curriculum wise but for what it is worth, Have you had her evaluated by a behavioral optometrist?  Visual perceptual/tracking issues occur in 1 out of 6 kids and are totally treatable.  MY daughter is half way through her vision therapy course of 25 weeks and the improvements have been life changing.  I am grateful that out eye doctor recognized it and referred us.... i would never had known.  There is SO much tied up...
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