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Anything by Malvina Reynolds or Woody Guthrie
I never really liked her until I started watching her show last summer. Now I can't wait for the new one to start. She is performing in Denver soon, I wish I could go and see her live.
I love Elvis Perkins
Andrew Bird The Mountain Goats Vincent Gallo Jolie Holland Joanna Newsom
A couple I didn't see: Joanna Newsom Jolie Holland Kristin Hersh/Throwing Muses/50 ft wave
I definatly think there is more to the Luka story or he would have had Abby and Joe go with him.
SO did he actually get hit by the truck? I can't really remember the scence very well. Anyway, it would be true ER fashion that the truck swerved or something and he passed out in an alley. Or he fell and hit his head and has amnesia. The preview said, "someone from the ER is missing" and it showed Neela knocking on his door.
There was a scene where Lane was laying the babies down in their crib. She turned on the mobile and it played a "mobile" version of Boys don't cry by the Cure....It was very cool.
The "boys don't cry" mobile Lane had in the babies room was the coolest thing I have seen on this show in a long time.
my favorite line is from the one where DJ is going to church and he is asking DAn and Roseanne about their religion. Rosanne says "we believe in being good people" and DAn says "Yeah but we are not practicing"
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