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Although we self-identify as Christians we fall very much along the liberal side of things.  I'd like to broaden our holiday celebrations by incorporating other practices into our observance of Advent.  This year it will include our standards like St. Nicks Day and the traditional Advent and Christian Christmas Eve/Day.  This year we're adding in a Winter Solstice Bonfire (with probably a Norse spin on things) and maybe a few others like St. Lucia or the Children's Day...
I'm figuring there has to be some sort of quality difference given the wide range of prices.  Any suggestions on brands or what I need to look for in order to get a decent quality hot water bottle?  What about one for children?
I've always thought of Oscillococcinum as an after the fact kind of thing.  Celletech makes a combo rememdy specifically as a preventative and the first remedy on the label for their Winter Tonic is Influenzium  (it's also 10% off btw with the code "FALL2010" if you're interested, 15% off if you get Winter Balance with it).  I still keep Oscillococcinum on hand b/c I've been known to forget taking the preventative on more than one occassion and one or another of us...
Linda on the move - I love your suggestions!
Quote: I don't think it sounds hokey at all.  I've found a number of things coming to mind that I haven't thought of in years.
We gave ETC Online a try recently and discovered that it fit the bill perfectly.  ETC's workbooks, OPTGR, and AlphaPhonics all failed to interest ds whereas now he's excited and asks to "do school on the computer."  Go figure.
Janesville (and Rock County in general) is very socially conservative with a large number of conservative Christian types.  There is a thriving LLL in the area and a large group of homebirthing families - both of which have a similar flavor to the homeschool group (although not as one-sided).  There used to be a homebirth midwife right in Janesville, but as of earlier this year her family had moved out of the area (I believe there are other midwives that serve the area,...
I've been assuming that ds' reluctance with some of the phonics things that we've been doing was because he wasn't interested...but then looking at the list of ETC books began to wonder if perhaps it was just that he found what we were doing pointlessly repetitiously burdensome? As in...I've already got this Mom, why must we continue?
The Leapfrog videos were also a big help for us.  Ds resisted just about everything else, but picked up everything he knows from the videos (which is always a bit bittersweet for me to admit).  You can get ETC's online program for $32.50 for a year through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.
  Most definitely to all of this and I would add that HSLDA does try in practice to make it seem as if they speak for *all* homeschoolers instead of the specifically Christian ones.  I don't think it's any mistake that they went with HSLDA instead of Christian Homeschool Legal Defense Association.  Are the specifically a PAC?  No, but they sure do spend a lot of time on politics.  
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