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Love tha food pyramid! I've been thinking about getting "Everyday Paleo" which is supposed to have a good chapter of suggestions in it which I hope will at least give me a good place to start.
That one does look interesting...unfortunately, the Bible quote on the front would disqualify it for us. I need a secular curriculum.
I'm looking for a good grocery list app (I have an iPad). I'd like it to be able to store a history of my lists including a place that I can enter in the price and keep a running total so that I can keep an eye on my budget and I don't want too spend a lot for it. In my dream world I could also populate the list from a meal planning app (and on a related note find one that I liked). What do you use?
We've only had ours for a day, but we really love Math Bingo. Art Authorityis going to really come in handy next year. We're secular classical-esque so I'm pondering KnowledgeQuest's timeline/map app for the ancients and the Encyclopedia Britannica Egypt and Dino apps. That's only about as far as I've gotten, though. Now, if only Mothering had an app...
No, no cult. Actually, Dr. Bronner's is a really good company. They treat their workers well and support environmental causes. If you go to their website and click on the "Activism" tab you can learn more about what they call Constructive Capitalism.
That's the one. I wasn't going to link it. It's been rescheduled a couple of times now. I understand that she's been busy and had a baby, etc, etc. I don't begrudge her needing to deal with those issues...however, I think it's bad business to not set realistic expectations for product availability. I emailed her back in January (?) and was told it would be ready in Feb. It's almost May now. I've hemmed and hawed a bit since giving up on the pre-written curriculum. ...
 We're already listed.  Thanks for the reminder, though.  It's such a fantastic resource!
No problem!
We're starting a new homeschool support group for secular homeschoolers in Southern Wisconsin.  We're a group of homeschoolers in Southern Wisconsin who do so because it is the best choice for our family (whether or not we ascribe to any religious faith is beside the point).  We respect each member’s right to a personal faith...or not...and ask the same in return.  Our events will be secular and in a location that is respectful of our diversity.  We welcome families of...
What about something like:       or       or       or         I'll stop there because I think I could probably keep going.  Perhaps there's a wedding announcement/invitation wording out there that you really liked?  You could always adjust it similarly.  You could also take any of the above and adjust the wording ever so slightly to reflect Catholic specific terminology.  I've read in some locations where for a Catholic wedding it might be referred to as a "Nuptual Mass"...
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