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  Intellego Unit Studies is the only one that I'm aware of.  They're supposed to have a unit study on Evolution for the K-2 set sometime this year.    
I have already planned for next year - First Grade.  After trying to source as much as possible through the library and then the whole juggling thing I've decided to buy what we need which means I need to start saving my pennies.  We'll take about a month and a half off this summer for kind of a modified year-round schedule before we pick up with: ETC online - This will be a carryover as Ds loves it. Getty-Dubay Book B Singapore/Miquon - Another carryover as it's...
Here's what I found out and posted about it last year.  If you want to get more reviews, GVS was more than willing to help me get in touch with families that use it when I asked.  You can send them an email using the contact info from their website (that's what I did).  You'd be able to ask some specific questions as it relates to your family and maybe get a better idea.
I used to visit MDC quite a bit and read many of the threads in the homeschooling section, but you can count me in with those that slowed down or stopped with the change over.  I don't know that it's the format necessarily.  Mostly I think that MDC just stopped feeling like home.  Some of it is the ads which weren't quite so bad in the old forum and the rest?  Hard to pick one thing or another that did it.  Having three children probably plays a role as well.   For...
I thought about starting a new thread - for Spring - in the end I figured I'd just post here as it's not quite Spring just yet.   Prior to February I had a good practice going.  I was able to get to class at least a couple of times a week and even got some time on my own at home.  Since then I've become unmoored.  The political climate in our state just about blew up which has required quite a bit of action on our part just to keep up (and make our voices heard)....
spedteacher30 - Oh wow!  It's perfect.  Thank you so much!
Thank you for the most recent suggestions!  Hildare -  Love the suggestions!   Petey44 - I found it in the Feb 2011 "American Teacher."  The article, plus the other suggestions they gave for classroom resources will work perfectly for us.     We live in WI so we've spent a lot of time talking about collective bargaining and attending rallies.  I thought a little bit of historical context might be helpful.
Thanks for the suggestion on the book.  Our library has it - I can't wait to pick it up!   Picture books would probably be the best, although a chapter book would work if it was engaging enough that we could use it as a read aloud.  We're going to a rally this week in support of collective bargaining rights in our state and I'd like to follow up with a mini-unit on unions.  My first instinct is to go with books on notable people in the union/union organizing movement...
The title says it all.  I've found a couple of books at the local library, but the selection's been somewhat limited.  I found a great graphic biography on Mother Jones and I'm wondering what else might be out there that I may have missed.
Oh, thanks!  Ds *loves* watching videos on YouTube.
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