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My midwife actually  recommended we UC as our last birth was unexpected UC anyways but she is doing appts with me I really only will see her a total of 4 times for my pregnancy with self care in between, shes gong to come after birth to assist with weighing, assessing myself and baby and to help with the birth certificate :) I love this plan :)
Thanks for the warm welcome and congrats to those mamas who are also pregnant and planning a up/uc :) Someone mentioned a quick ultrasound. I plan on getting one. I did last time as well I just personally felt more at ease knowing everything was where is should be. We have a free standing place here but the dont do only gender its always a full medical ultrasound and gender only if you want it and an obgyn goes over them all so I think that is where we will be going...
amazing :) Thanks for sharing!  
Hello. I thought I would take a little time to introduce myself. My name is Lindsay and I am currently pregnant with number four. Our last little one was a homebirth/UC  our little one wouldnt wait for the midwife. This time around the situation is a little different and we are very excited to be planning our up/uc. I am hoping for guidance from our midwife through this but I am understanding that she is a busy lady these days so we have not had time to catch up. I am...
Thank you I do plan on getting my hands on a copy of heart and hands :) That chart was a little more complicated than what I need. Basically blood type,dob,edd,results of urine strips,fundal height,symptomsfetal heart tones, is basically what I am looking for. I may just see if my midwife can send us one of hers??  
We just found out we are expecting baby number 4 and since 3 was a planned homebirth but unplanned unassisted and my midwife no longer serves english clients we are considering up/uc. I am trying to find a blank template or somewhere I can make one to keep track of my self care. Any reccomendations?? I am sure I will have more questions as I go along but thats all for now :) I look forward to getting to know you all :)
Hey ladies. I am from the findlay area. I am looking for a dentist who accepts medicaid and who is breastfeeding friendly. My 2 1/2 yr old still nurses at night (sometimes) and I believe she has a cavity so I would love to get in her into a dentist asap.
No I did not come to think of it...I wanted to but couldn't get a hold of any they did tell me that if I had it that was ok...sorry I refused hep b and a few others too. I was planning on oral vit k but I thought the pharmacy would have it until afterwords I realized I would probably have to have gotten it ahead of time. I do know that you can order it from here.... http://www.birthwithlove.com/categor...+%29Oral+Vit+K Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by HRJ Can we do it? I am assuming I'd have to bring my own vitamin K to the hospital? I believe you can Make sure to discuss your plans to your obgyn and bring it in writing to the hospital. You might have to sign a paper stating you are declining the shot. I had my daughter in april 09 in the hospital and I declined I had no issues at all with any of my birth plans...free to move, little intervention, all...
Me too. I just started my tax preparing class last month and had been doing great up until last week. I went once but could barely concentrate I was too tired and the other day I didnt even have the energy to walk into the classroom. I have been trying to take naps but that doesnt happen too often and when it does one of the kids wake me up lol. I am just going to try and get use to it I am sure with 3 kiddos and 2 under 3 I wont be getting much sleep lol
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