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Quote: Originally Posted by Doodlebugsmom It's hard to narrow down to five, but here goes: Eggplant and peanut soup Oh, I forgot about this one.....HEAVEN. Pure heaven. And it freezes well!
Oh! I forgot my NUMBER ONE!!! The Lemony Roasted Potatoes. I adore these so much I want to kiss each and every one (before eating them ).
Quote: Originally Posted by Deva33mommy baked pumpkin ziti is a good one. oh oh oh...and the cashew ricotta. I swear the book was worth it just for that one recipe. It opened a whole new world for me- you can use it in stuffed shells with fab results! I didn't find this recipe to be that great. But I think it was because the 2.5 CUPS of bread crumbs MUST have been a typo. It was SO yuck with all those bread crumbs. If I make this again, I'm...
Chickpea cutlets (or nuggets, or strips.....) Chickpeas romesco Tamarind lentils (double drool) Baked tangerine tofu Vodka Penne
Ds just got this cute pair of pj's from SIL. But, they ALWAYS get him clothes for cool weather, even though we live in TX. Anyway, these pj's are long legged, long sleeved. They are a light material, though, and I was thinking of trying to make them short sleeve/ short leg. I have a sewing machine. Would I need to split the seams to do this, or is there some method? I'm a newbie to sewing (i.e. I sew a mean square/rectangle, but other than that, I get scared...
I have never heard of this....details?
I knew a woman who has a gorgeous dh, 2 gorgeous kids (possibly more now), her dh had a job making LOTS of money, and they had lots of cool stuff, could take vacations, and her family was really supportive (I know she didn't like her MIL, but that seems like a drop in the bucket, to me). IMO, she had it all. Money, a happy family, stuff she wanted, time, vacations, etc. Oh, and security. No debt, investments, retirement.
Quote: Originally Posted by JamesMama I'm pretty sure they start on the trunk. If it is CP...wanna over night me a slobbery lollipop? Me, too!
I don't know how long it will last, but we just got a HUGE rainbow beach umbrella from Sam's Club for about $22!!! The coolest part is that VERY SAME DAY I told dh that I wanted a rainbow umbrella for our new patio that we are building. Cool, huh? Oh, and they supposedly can be used at the beach or with a patio table (we haven't even opened ours yet since we are still building the patio.
Doubley post!
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