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congrats and am going to read your story right now! I love the name and hope you guys are doing wonderfully!
BIRTH STORY:       Jamie wasn't due until the 8th and I expected to go beyond that by a week having that experience with my 2 other boys. Due to the hardest fight of our lives though I decided to go for an induction. I wasn't ready to not be pregnant, I was ready to be reassured and hold him. It was the only selfish thing I felt I've done especially for my own comfort and peace of mind instead of being a healthier choice. I had a doula that volunteered to be at...
Congrats on your baby and so glad he's doing well now!
great story! they didn't check you at your appt and that is really nice that you didn't have any expectations but you did so great!
Had my induction (way to) early this morning. After the pit was up to about 8 around 9/10 a.m. and finally got some good ctx going and Jamie was born at 2 p.m. into the hands of my mom! We were at the hospital but I...uh....neglected (on purpose) to tell them I was feeling pushy around 1 when i wanted to get in the tub. I hadn't been checked since about 8 a.m. and was 4 c.m. and did not want to get my hopes up that I wasn't going as fast as I felt. Ended up stepping out...
congrats bumkin! these babies are so sweet!
the part about each day being just something to get through is where i'm at and on top of so much else i am fried! i wish there was people around to be bitchy at so i could have something worthwhile to do even! crazy.making.
yay! so happy for you guys to have a new snugglie!
so nice to read everyone's updates! i wish i had the patience left to wait for labor. not many signs going on here. he floats up and down and doesn't really engage and he's on the right instead of the left. no partner to try to get labor started either :( i am 39wk sat but probably (pretty much) going to induce early next week. it's not what i want but considering a loving hubby isn't going to manifest with my kiddo's all the sudden to make things feel "right" to me I...
any word nattery? i am interested to hearing your experience and wonder if i would do ok in a community arena (i doubt it :( )
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