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2 things I really like and seem to help coughs quickly for us adults or my kiddos is an herbal product called ClearLungs, and Oil of Oregano (I have a drop kind for the kids, put a few drops in a little juice as it is a hot oil).
well, after reading some other posts, I went out and bought some L-lysine, zinc, and have been taking those (and garlic) along with my mouthwash.  I also tried the wet black tea bag for pain and that seemed very helpful.   the sore (I guess a canker sore) seems to have improved, no more white spot, but a pretty large red area, and my whole lower lip is extremely sore, tight (difficult to talk/eat/smile), and feels thick.   I'm wondering if this means there is/was...
Occassionally I get a sore on the inside of my mouth, red area with white center.  I can usually get it to go away with a mouthwash concoction (tto, gfse, csilver, salt), but this one (on my lower lip, sort of rubs up against my teeth) seems to be getting worse and worse.  Right now my whole lower mouth feels tender and the sore is crazy painful, and seems to be getting larger.   any ideas?
Hoping for some thoughts   ds2 age 7 has occassionally continued to wet the bed since potty training. It is not very often, maybe around every few weeks on average. But when he does, he completely soaks himself (and everything around him). He wakes up and comes in to tell him he "got sweaty" He is what I would call a deep sleeper... struggled with potty training, both while awake (almost 4), and for a long time at night. I try to talk to him at bed time...
discovered some more items he ruined, severed the cords to download their camera to the computer, and DH's hair clippers... also he found a mascara tube and wiped it around a few areas in the bathroom (not mine, something left by the previous owner).   So, he definitely does go out and help with his dad a lot when he gets home, he has probably been spending MORE time with his dad than usual in fact... its those hours they spend with just their grandma before I get...
I guess I thought it would be easy to find/get but I haven't heard really anything locally or on here... (we are in the Sacramento/Davis/Vacaville vacinity)
So, we are having some major issues with one of our 7 yr old boys...   Background: We have gone through some big changes recently, bought a house and moved almost 2 months ago (still getting settled), boys didn't change schools (we transfered them to stay - its about 20 min away now), Mother-In-Law has moved across the country to live near us and help with the kids, and has been staying with us until she finds an apartment (moving her out this weekend!).  She has...
agree that Dr. O is great! (my boys were giggling the whole appt. at their last annual check up) He never makes us feel rushed, gives us time, is great with kids.
Hi, we are buying a house that has a pool... will be so nice to have in the California heat, but I'd hate to use standard chlorine. What affordable/effective alternatives are there?   thanks for any thoughts! (and hopefully the health forum is an ok place to post this)
I've had really good results after putting in one drop of colloidal silver, kills it immediately.
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