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so cute!
Hi Wembles, I don't know your friend but after checking out her blog I realized I know the specialist...and he really is fantastic. Prayers for all!
Totally scary. "Wouldn't let" you call 911?! Talk to a professional if you can. They can help you sort out what to do next (if anything). At the very least you deserve to get a good night's sleep.
I think the short answer from most HCPs would be "wait and see." (I'm not a HCP, just guessing based on my experience.) If you're worried about the healing you could try Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. Good for diaper rash too: http://www.mothernature.com/shop/det...110&zmap=44573 As far as I can tell it works the same or better than the estrogen cream, and without the side effects (possible early PPAF, decreased milk supply, etc.) Even if your...
Sorry I don't know of that MD. I agree the procedures you mention sound, er-----unusual. Maybe if you ask the doctor herself about that she could either put your mind at ease or convince you to keep looking. I'll ask around and see if anyone I know knows of her.
Well, it's good Artesia finally got their Wal-Mart. There was pretty intense competition amongst several towns for a few years because the Super-Centers were being awarded based on who got the most sales that year. Carlsbad even got theirs before Hobbs (Hobbs is bigger). I didn't know about the FLETC; that's a good thing for Artesia, then! The oilfield is already seeing the effects of the market losses. People will be leaving Artesia if they lose their jobs out...
Be careful with the colace! Even if you think it's not working, it can kick in hours or sometimes DAYS later. (I speak from very humiliating experience!) Hot baths sometimes helped me.
If you want private schools I would be willing to bet that Roswell is the only option. I'm not sure what's available there either. Probably there are houses for rent in both Roswell and Artesia, but I doubt many of them are on the web. Folks out there are not that technology-oriented; not that they don't know how to use the Internet, and they are interested in using it, but it's not the primary medium of advertising, for example. What websites there are are probably...
My hips still ache and I was told while pg that it was sciatica (referred pain). It's not as bad as it was while I was pg though.
Quote: Originally Posted by League_mama Is it hijacking the thread to say that I am completely still processing my birth and still fairly traumatized from it? In fact my sister suggests I have post-traumatic stress from it...minor re-cap, well, I never wrote it out since I'm still horrified--some pre-labor activity the Fri before our son was born, my mw totally knew I was probably going to give birth that weekend, and I TOLD HER I LABORED very quickly...
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