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Quote: Originally Posted by Nothingbutbreast When I have "enough" diapers i thin out to sell and buy new ones : very true!
That's a lot of valuable advice, thanks for posting I have not night-weaned, or moved dd2 to her own bed, even though I'd like to because I work full time. I feel I need to be there for her even more during the night. I miss my husband too, and we have to find ways to connect. I keep telling myself it will pass, but sometimes I wish for what I don't have. Jen
I find parents who don't question themselves are the worst for expecting their children to fall in line and behave like little adults. It's the remembering that makes us better parents, even if we forget sometimes in the first place. That's my take on it anyway.
My 2 year old Evelyn is a ball of energy. She also wears her mood and feelings on her sleeve. She will on occasion (um, like almost daily) hit Sophie, my 4.5 year old, for one reason or another, or just for fun. My older girls is very gentle and patient and would never hit her back, in fact she just sits and takes it. Can I coach Sophie to get up and leave in this situation? I'm thinking of consequence for Evie. If she mistreats Sophie, she doesn't get to play with...
I concur BellinghamCrunchie. I give choices, but with my younger it has to be fun too, so I will mock it up a bit. For example I say in a tv-show voice: in this hand we have a lovely diaper made by mom, cozy fleece inside and a happy flower print outside, and in this hand we have a fresh clean pair of Dora underpants!! Then I usually tickle her with them and by then she is distracted from her original stance on the naked bum. More work, yes but a good outcome (usually...
I say combination because I was bf until about 6months and then put on condensed skim milk because I was fat, lol. My mom's ob was very supportive of bf and my mom has been supportive of me. Not so much that dd2 is approaching 2 years though. I am very healthy, few colds and no allergies/asthma. My dh was ff and solids at 11 days He has had tubes in his ears, has allergies and a wierd immune system problem. Having said that, my dd1 was ff after 6 weeks and is...
Quote: Originally Posted by SabDoulaMommy Now I'm wondering. . .do I go to darling diapers & buy the potty pants pattern for my 2 yos? The potty pants pattern looks a lot like my own diaper pattern that I use for dd2. I roll the fleece out at the legs though, just my preference. Just so you know you could probably use that pattern for diapers too! Jen
I use pockets for nighttime (all swaddlebees, they seem like they were made for dd) and AIO's for daytime (I have a few angelwraps and I make my own side snappers). The pockets are customisable and the AIO's are so convenient. I send my AIOs to daycare for dd2. The only fitteds I have are a few recyclebees (hi steph!) that we are using for toilet-learning. Jen
For myself I could not be friends with someone who spanks their kids. I have several friends who are mainstream but do not hit. For me it's a stopper. I cannot abide it - it makes me cringe inside and I can't stay. So I move on. Needless to say (possibly) I don't have a lot of friends. When spanking comes up I will voice my opinion if I feel I can, or I leave. I think dharmamama is right - you will need to clarify that it's a parenting philosophy group, or something...
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