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I tried to go back and pay. They wouldn't let me. I think "stealing" is a lame word to use when someone else made a mistake.
Well I'm reviewing Reformation theology right now...*looking over notes*...a lot of people blame Luther for biblical fundamentalism because he coined sola scriptura but in actuality it came about much later. Luther was trying to combat the practice of rampant allegorical readings, he said that reading allegorically you could put any words you wanted into the bible's mouth, essentially. He wanted to strip away those layers and get back to the texts and the languages and the...
There's an interesting story behind the idea of biblical inerrancy (which is a new idea, and has always been a minority opinion) and whether the bible is the word of God, inspired, literal, or not. But that story may be just a little too specific and geeky for me to go into just here. Say something if you're interested. :
I don't know about the current one but my brother still displays the one I got in 1983 and it's doing fine.
I believe floradix has honey in it. There is a gluten-free version that doesn't have honey, iirc, but I have never purchased it so I am not totally sure. I think it's called floravital. I'd call a doctor or naturopath about the dosage if you're not sure. Iron overdose can be VERY serious and dangerous in babies.
They make me think of TV's Frank, or maybe like a slightly dissheveled Morrissey. Or a Kewpie doll. : But if your face is more angular it can be easier to pull off.
Guess that's what I get for trying to say something positive in a thread full of hysteria and doomsaying. You sure showed me!
I just thank God that so many good people are willing to take on mega-debt to prepare for jobs where they help people in profound ways. Nurses, social workers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, pastors, rabbis, etc. Honestly, I am thankful to everyone who does this. And God willing I'll be one of them soon.
It's not ok in my book, but unfortunately I don't get to make the rules. Roadkill and "loogie"-spitters were my banes in the first trimester.
I grew up with Santa but I won't be doing it for my kid. I think I can make Christmas special and warm without that particular mythology. I don't feel strongly enough against it that it will be awkward to explain to her why other people believe in Santa, I just don't think it is something our family needs to do.
New Posts  All Forums: