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I find it interesting how many seem to assume that just because a story is told in the bible, it's endorsed by Christianity (and/or Judaism, depending on where it is.) Quite the opposite is true, in fact. A lot of things are reported as examples of what NOT to do, or of people doing something bad and getting their comeuppance.
Well with a one year old, half the blocks will end up missing, stashed in odd places, fed to the dog... We like the Melissa and Doug blocks fine, for $20.
If a preschooler can still drink from the breast, why not a bottle or sippy? This is seriously the lamest controversy I have ever seen in a forum, and I have been online a long time. :
It's definitely good to be realistic about repayment. It's also good to be realistic about priorities. I'm perfectly happy to stay in a small home, have no car or a very modest one, and eat simply most of the time. In exchange for that, to have more time with my child and a job that really satisfies my soul. That's the tradeoff I'm making. I went way past the point of "safe bet" just trying to get a BA. I'm at peace with paying for 25 years, just as I will have to pay for...
If you're talking about student loans, take the guesswork out and use one of the online calculators to reckon the repayment schedule. FWIW, it's going to look a lot different than owing $50k on credit cards, which seems to be what a lot of people are assuming. The interest rate is a lot lower, and there are multiple repayment plans. I think it is kind of ridiculous to get moralistic about student debt (like some posters are). It's a reality for most people who want to get...
Haha, I passed $50k this year. And I'm applying to grad school! *manic laughter*
Comment on my thread and I will comment on yours! :
Even Jesus wore sandals. I'm not gonna try to out-martyr him on this one, even for the sake of crunchitude.
Quote: Originally Posted by boingo82 Are you talking about Dan and Terry when they adopted 10 or so years ago? Nope, this was in my city and involved men well known locally, but definitely not nationally. And it was decidedly under the table, not done through an agency.
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