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And I think what some of us are getting at too is that something can feel ok but not actually be ok. Like, I can feel fine but actually be about to drop dead of an embolism. Or I can feel like it's OK to take someone else's dog because they don't love it as much as I do, when in actuality it's morally wrong and they really do love their dog quite a bit.
I am a very emotional person. That's a large part of why I turn to logic and reason to make big decisions, and to determine my ethics. If I relied on my emotions alone, I'd do all kinds of extreme things. I don't think being emotional and "academic" are mutually exclusive. I do think that emotions need to be tempered with reason just as logic needs to be tempered with compassion. But even compassion is a calmer, refined version of emotion, it's not a raw kneejerk reaction...
That sounds fantastic. I'm contemplating tuna salad made with hazelnuts and dried cranberries for dinner tonight. But just now I finished a bowl of Annie's spaghetti O's that dd rejected. :
I'm guessing that it's not intentional. People who have big words tend to use them, because the bigger the word, the more precise it tends to be, and the clearer the communication. (Assuming it's done properly, of course.)
Well like I said of course there's going to be emotions involved. I just don't think it's the trump card that gets to be pulled to make the critiques go away.
Yeah, I agree. And just to complicate things further, I think family dynamics can be every bit as powerful as money, so I'm cautious about that one too. (Sounds like you are as well.) And financial strings could definitely be involved under the table or otherwise with a family situation. In ways that boggle the mind to imagine. Like for instance let's say MIL is helping us pay rent while hubby is in Iraq and SIL can't get pregnant and asked me to surrogate and while I am...
I had a cold. Not too bad of a cold. Was starting to get better. Then my fever shot back up and I had the killer sinus headache, nosebleed, stuffy head, so I thought I was getting a sinus infection. Then my headache went away and all the evil stuffy feelings settled in my chest. But I do not have a cough. None! Maybe a little tickle now and then, but no hacking, throwing up snotballs, etc. Just a feeling like my chest is congested. I can't get it to come up by trying to...
True, it's definitely volatile on many levels. What I don't appreciate, though, is when the discussion is shut down by comments like the one made by the woman featured on Oprah about her hiring of an Indian woman: Quote: To those who worry about exploitation, Jennifer says someone who hasn't been in her situation should not judge. "You have not walked in my shoes as someone who cannot have a child," she says. I mean, we could shut down just about any...
Which is exactly why we need to discuss all the ethical ramifications rationally, and not shut down critiques because they might "offend," or drown them out with emotionally manipulative appeals from the people who have the cash and clout to make these decisions.
Oh of course, I just never miss an opportunity to complain about sloppy wording.
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