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I wish the wording was clearer because on second read, it's totally ambiguous if they mean floor as in tile or wood or carpet or a new storey. At any rate, women's bodies as a way to build a nation's status as a destination for medical tourism? Ugh.
What about the fact that the attitude that it's OK to borrow a woman's body if you want to badly enough and have enough money leads directly to unethical situations like what was described above? And what do you think of the Indian situation? Is that ethical? Is it OK to hire someone to be a surrogate when she wants to do it so she can put a floor in her shack?
Quote: Originally Posted by Periwinkle Also known as "if you HAVE to implant your lily white embryo in a... a... minority, at least get one who can serve tea and speak English" : I literally feel sick right now. Yep. And you know, feminists who have been watching and critiquing these procedures and this industry have predicted for years that it would come to this, to first world women using the bodies of third world women, to the...
Oh and no doctors were involved in the case I mentioned. It was done outside the usual channels, something quite common in circumstances where the people with the money have all the power.
I find using homeless women and third world women as a convenient biological processing unit to be rude and offensive. To an extreme. I think if you don't want to support a homeless woman, you shouldn't have a baby with her.
When men use homeless girls as spare parts and then cast the HUMAN BEING aside at the end, I don't mince words. If you choose to take it personally even though it has nothing to do with you, your situation, or your sister, well, I don't know what to say. I'm scouring my archives for the link as we speak, Frog. Hold on...
If you work for who I think you work for, tell them their boot cut cords SUCK ASS! I just exchanged my size for a size down and they STILL "stretch" so much my ass is exposed if I try to move. Back in the mail they go again. : (Sorry, nothing personal! )
I'll be good and not post the link to my "favorite" example of entitlement on this topic, the "heartwarming" story from my town's paper about the male couple who bought or, uh, borrowed the womb of a homeless teen so they could fufill their dream of parenthood. It's filled with squick-a-licious details, too! Like how she had an apartment while pregnant, but once she birthed? Well, we wouldn't want to ENABLE, would we?? Also, a friend just tipped me off to...
It's definitely used that way, but the history is pretty interesting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Politic...ctness#History (And I'm not just mindlessly wiki-ing, it happens to confirm what I had already read elsewhere.)
Quote: Originally Posted by hanno That may actually a nicer way of putting it, but I'm not that nice. I'm saying that I do things that even I consider immoral out of desire (ttc just one more biobabe, the current one was unexpected) and sometimes even out of laziness (right now I'm drinking from a paper cup because I didn't bring a reusable one with me). No matter how extreme the desire is, it doesn't make the action moral. If I have no justification...
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