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Quote: Originally Posted by hanno This is really something I struggle with. I have to disagree or I would have difficulty being me. Would you mind saying more about this? I would hate to try to guess at what you mean.
Quote: Originally Posted by ccohenou Maybe. But most of us, myself included, HAVE experienced situations in which what we really really really want to do and what we feel is right are different. Moral codes tend to make uncomfortable demands on everyone, I don't think infertile people are unique in this regard. Precisely. Morals and ethics need to be based on a well-considered system of right and wrong. Not an emotional pull or how badly someone...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gumby People do this? That is beyond words. What the hell does that have to do with Halloween?! : : There are two issues here. One is clearly the racism issue. The other is the idea of a certain level of gory-ness. It annoys me as the mother of a toddler that this time of year we can't even go to the grocery store without 6-foot-tall scary ax murderer mannequines scaring the !@#$% out of my poor innocent kid. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by the_lissa True, but I have the same issues with adoption. I do also have concerns about adoption, but I see a big difference between someone accidentally getting pregnant but choosing not to parent, and someone being hired to purposely become pregnant with a child that is not considered their own.
Quote: Originally Posted by frog Okay. I'll just talk a little about where I land on this: I have no children. turtle and I ttc last year (with me) and nothing stuck. We're currently considering adoption, but nothing formal is in the works. ttc is expensive for us. I don't think surrogacy, overall, is a good plan. I don't think parenthood is something anyone is entitled to, and I think surrogacy is entirely too close to rent-a-womb for me to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by lovingmommyhood Hmmm. I know of a lot of things in society that are okay because someone else wants it bad enough. Why should this be any different? What things are you thinking of?
What I am saying is that while we should absolutely respect the pain of people who cannot conceive or who have experienced losses, respecting that pain doesn't mean shutting down critiques of surrogacy, the fertility industry, adoption politics, et al. And I don't want to live in a society where something is OK just because I or someone else wants it bad enough. I want it to be OK because we've thought it through and feel it's really ok for everyone involved. Not because...
We've been brainwashed on this. Partially by a cultural belief that authority figures and family members are always benign, but also by the media and all the hype on shows like Gerardo about "false memory syndrome" or whatever, and "parental alienation syndrome" and so forth. And shows like Law and Order SVU where a statistically improbable number of the allegations end up being untrue in some weird way.
With all due respect for your difficult situation, I don't think that emotional appeals are the best basis on which to make complex ethical decisions.
Sure, but I have a sinus headache and don't feel like being piled on and demonized in public right now. So you're free to conjecture via PM and I'll get back to you. It's an inexplicably unpopular opinion.
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