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No. I think it's exploitive and wrong.
Oh and there's a lot of this attitude in your post: Quote: Originally Posted by zoebird it's weird. people want acceptance so much, but when you give it, it's not good enough. . .or they won't accept me enough to accept that i really do care. It's condescending. It's a huge turn-off. People aren't running up to kiss your hand because you accept them and it makes you sad? Well, they probably would relate to you more if you didn't have the...
You're not "inside" because you don't have the same experiences. That's how it works. People might like you and talk to you and invite you to events, but they're not going to relate to you in the precise same way they do to other people who have experienced the whole coming out process, prejudice, etc. And it's unfair to expect LGBT people to not talk about "straight people" just because you're nice, in much the same way it's unfair to expect people of color to stop...
Again I think "allow" is inflammatory. I think many couples agree that if one is going to make a major decision that could jeopardize the stability of the household, the other should be consulted and agree to it as well. I don't think that's controlling or possessive in the slightest.
Don't roll your eyes at what is true for many people. It's rude and disrespectful. Intense pressure to succeed HAS hurt a lot of kids. Disagree if you want, but lose the dismissive attitude.
Uh, not to sound like a know it all but transplant isn't the only cure for endocarditis. Maybe in people who have already been through a transplant, or who are already in severe straits already. Most people are put on IV antibiotics for a few weeks. And with appropriate treatment, most people pull through. It's a very dangerous disease but it IS treatable--you just have to make sure it's treated appropriately and quickly. And, it can cause damage to the valves but not...
Quote: Originally Posted by Potty Diva And most people know that children fair better staying with their parents in an abusive household (while the have to be) then being taken and being place in foster care. So we want what's best for the baby, right? Then attempt entervention, be supportive of mom, keep in contact and don't rock the boat. Let your actions show you are with her and not against her. THe OP said it's a situation where the...
You can report a vague symptom to the receptionist if you want. I am resentful of having to tell receptionists personal information in order to see the doctor, regardless of why I am going in. You could say something like fatigue, or trouble sleeping, or lack of appetite (fill in whatever depression symptom you might be having.)
Actually as much as I feel compassion for the woman in this case I think I'd put getting the 3 month old out of there over everything else. That baby shouldn't have to pay for the crimes of her father and her mother's poor judgement.
Glad he's better. Next time I'd definitely look into financing a trip to the dentist sooner rather than later, as I'd imagine the bills from this might be far worse than $200. Pain threshold be damned.
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