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Did you say she's in second grade? I wouldn't worry too much at all right now. As she grows she will develop interests that inspire her.
I think it also kind of goes without saying that anyone who puts their family with small kids on national tv and airs their intimate life events on the same has some kind of issues.
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaWindmill If you keep pushing him this hard, I think you can expect to see his grades drop even further. Yep. Start saving now for the 3 months of intensive day therapy for severe depression when he's about 20. And I wouldn't expect a college diploma until he's at least 30, if ever. Or, you could lay the heck off already.
I think they are both dweebs. : I watched the show once and they annoyed me so much I wanted to throw things at the TV. Cute kids, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthea™ Not CPS, call the police, report your car and cell phones stolen and specifically name him, report the abuse, and report that you've seen him driving that stolen car without a license. Poor mama and baby I think this is good advice. Sadly enough, the cops may be more able to pick him up for the stolen car than for beating up his partner.
Some stores also sell junior plus sizes. Junior sizes are typically smaller through the hips and bust than their misses or women's equivalents. They're designed for teens.
OP, without knowing how tall you are, how heavy you are, how you are shaped and proportioned, it's hard to tell you where to look.
I go for unisex European shoes for professional wear. Speaking as a 12W with high instep and arches. Pikolinos are my current favorite. You might have to buy "men's" but learn your Euro size and it won't feel bad at all. And soooo comfy. Pikolinos are like Robeez for grownups.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna Call an ambulance, seriously I wouldn't even bother driving in to the hospital myself. This is not something to mess with and delay by driving there on your own. : And PSA to everyone: if you come home and find someone collapsed in a puddle of vomit, barely responsive, don't call a friend, call 911. I understand not wanting to rack up bills, but life is fragile and precious.
I mean believing that there's some kind of grand pattern to deaths, that they happen because of some cosmic reason and not because people's bodies get old or sick and fail. I find the latter a lot more compelling (meaning it makes sense to me) and comforting than the belief that some angel or karmic force has out hits for everybody to make A! Big! Point! Or that we cause each other to die by dying, or that a Death Wave is hitting Portland like a heat wave.
New Posts  All Forums: