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Well it's a romantic belief but I don't think it's particularly comforting or compelling. But if it works for you, that's great.
OK so what do YOU think it is?
The boring reality is that many people die and many are born everyday and sometimes you notice it and sometimes you don't. I know someone will come in here and say it's magnetic fields or teh sekrit or something, but it's really not. It's probability. Sorry you've had so many recent losses.
Milder. Like the OR coast in July. Ahhh I wish I was in San Francisco...
What kind of touristy things? San Francisco weather is typically mild year-round. The closer you get to the ocean/bay the cooler and wetter, the closer to the mountains the more extreme (hotter, harsher, etc.) Bring layers.
And actually--I say this with the kindest of intentions--the more we hear about your MIL, and the more we hear that you are still engaging with her, listening to her, and worrying about what she wants, the less I am able to feel sorry for you. : I mean, she's horrible. It's true. You're nice. Also true. But even contemplating what she wants for Christmas? Making her half of a mitten for Christmas? After what she has done to your family? Makes me think you're just being...
Oh and if you can? Go to a different hospital. Not a community hospital but a big medical center, preferably one that receives state funding to treat uninsured patients.
Chest pains? Could easily be turning into endocarditis. Lie, beg, steal your way into getting him treatment. And next time he's feeling woozy, tell him to call 911 on the way down, not you. Poor guy.
Aren't you supposed to buy your pre-preg size? Never worked for me, my hips instangly expanded and took over the middle east and Africa, I had to go up one size even in maternity.
Uh my dog (the original BSD) just took a big steaming crap, you want I should go fish it out of the trash and wrap it up for your MIL? So much more personalized than a lump of coal.
New Posts  All Forums: