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That's a really simplistic way of viewing a complex issue. I think you can have a complex view of interpersonal morality without falling into complete moral relativism, and you can have standards without being black/white about them.
Quote: Originally Posted by choli But where does that leave those who can't legally get married - such as gay people in most states in the USA? Will you teach that it is wrong for them to have sex or have children? Or will you teach that it is wrong for them not to be able to marry? I'm guessing that someone who still believes het couples are "living in sin" probably would also teach that gays and lesbians shouldn't have sex.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharlla So then you don't teach your children your religious or moral beliefs? WTF? I guess this makes no sense to me because disapproving of other people's sexual or relationship styles isn't a core part of my religious or moral beliefs.
Yeah, there's a huge difference between "Uncle Max is a libertarian and I disagree with his opinions on politics" and "Uncle Max lives with his girlfriend and they aren't married and that is BAD BAD EVIL BAD AND WRONG but we tolerate him because we're nice."
If you're Christian, you can do the Advent thing--the special calendar, readings, music, etc. If you're more secular, you could emphasize things like the change of the seasons, go for walks to look at nature changing, talk about the solstice. Or if you're a Christian hippie like me, you could do both.
Quote: Originally Posted by trippingbillies Hi Sharon.Do you think it is at all possible that the child was molested by somone other than the grandfather but is transferring the abuse to him? Leave that to a professional to determine. SERIOUSLY. Frog and Lisa have good advice. Listen to them.
Quote: Originally Posted by frog I was a horse girl--if I had my way, I'd still be one. I don't have the extra cash to make it happen right now, though. Ditto. I have never quite understood the origin of the horse girl thing, though.
Yechhhh. Do you know what happens when you wear a pair of pants in a downpour and have to change them because they are soaked, and put them in a plastic bag to send home with the other adult in your family to be washed? And then he forgets to wash them? For a week? Until you ask where your pants are, and he wonders what that nauseating mildew stench under his desk is? :
Oh the other thing is I think a lot of people don't buy their true size. I see a lot of people squeezed into clothes that are at least three sizes too small. I saw a woman on the bus the other day who I reckoned to be probably about an 18-20, wearing clothes that she must have had to use the jaws of life to get out of when she got home. I mean it looked like it was cutting off circulation in the arms, the shirt was riding about halfway up her torso, and the back pockets...
Yeah what is with the huge armholes? And neck holes, on some of the plus pieces I have from Old Navy. It's like, you could fit me and my dog's head through most of those.
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