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I just felt like the coordinator was talking down to me and assuming that because of the factors listed above I was new to their cause and needed to be brought up to speed on the basics or something. There was just this condescending air...I've seen it directed at "the older" woman with a kid in these circles even before I was The Mom myself.
Should I go ahead and do volunteer hours at a center where I'm the old fart (at 27) and The Mom and the definitely uncool one? I hate showing up somewhere and being in that kind of one-down position from the get-go.
Just don't get a tattoo in an Asian language... (Just doing what I can to make sure this thread is complete!)
So you prescribe: 1. Stop thinking about child abuse and focus on the positive. 2. A campaign to promote empathy. 3. Scholarships for people to become therapists. 4. Community centers and mediation. What would you do for a child who is currently in a home where physical and sexual abuse is happening? I know it's "negative" to think about those kids, but they exist whether I think about them or not.
MDC, I did NOT want to know.
I didn't do it, but someone was bound to! I still don't know who did mine. Aren't ddddddddcs supposed to last like 2 weeks? Because I've been in my interbed for like, two months.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viola Men in kilts just don't do it for me. Watch out, so far we're the only ones! This toaster IS kind of old...I've heard the new models are digital...
Quote: Originally Posted by Serrendipity Was it "cultural appropriation" when women lobbied for equal rights? Was it a "cultural contamination from a historical period" to start rejecting a strictly patriarchal society so women could own property and have an equal say in their own lives? Oh jeez, you asked, now someone's going to say "yes!"
Eddie Izzard is way too chic for kilts! (I'm anti-snake and anti-kilt. Especially utilikilts. )
Quote: Originally Posted by EviesMom I can see where you *might* be able to claim some kind of cultural american history to a white wedding in a white dress that makes the woman look like a meringue, in a church, virgin bride, bridesmaids/groomsmen, "here comes the bride" song, fluffy white cake, etc. Why even that, though? I mean lesbians born into the culture of meringue dresses are part of that culture and own it as much as anyone else in...
New Posts  All Forums: