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What my kids do with their sex lives are none of my business. So I didn't answer thrilled as gay, straight, or otherwise it doesn't matter to me. They are who they are and I love them for that. My answer was nonplussed (or indifferent, as I am interpreting it).
Quote: Originally Posted by debbieh Oh if someone DOES do dream interpretation, I had a strange one night before last, that I've been trying to figure out ever since, and would sure appreciate help with. I know it has some kind of meaning, but....what? By the way, that would make a great thread, kind of like when zoebird answered our questions about ghosts, fairies, trolls and such. Anyone??? Throw it out there! Let's hear it!
Could it be that you're feeling a bit confined and trapped in your house? I ask because the square/rectangle shape, the tied in knots imagery, and the association with your property manager's secretary's name. Also it looks like you have a new baby and two other kids too, so it would be reasonable to assume that your dream is telling you that you need to get out and socialize a bit. Great dream, by the way!
Nope. Ever seen someone driving around without headlights on? Yeah, you can't see them. So if someone like that was coming the other way you'd pull right out in front of them. Traffic laws may seem stupid sometimes, but they're still the law.
Every two years or so I go from very long hair to a pixie cut. I'm wearing the pixie right now. Like everyone else mentioned there are a lot more frequent trips to the salon needed to keep it looking good. However, you can also learn to cut it yourself. I think it would look great on you and I find them to be much less work than my long hair. I have a LOT of hair, but it's fine and sorta wavy so I have to spend forever drying it and styling it when it's long. The pixie is...
We use a babygate. However, we taught the baby how to go up and down the stairs on her belly. So, we often let her practice with supervision. The babygate is for times we don't wish to be going up and down the stairs repetitively or have work to do in other parts of the house. As far as the whole "letting kids figure things out for themselves". Well um, yeah, it's not good to hover and be overprotective, but they need to learn from us what the danger is. Imagine a mama...
Quote: Originally Posted by dawningmama Yes! Oh, I'm grumpy and sarcastic by nature, but, overall, I'm a very very happy woman. : I get in a funk once in a while, but I think it's hormonal or something. I also occasionally get extra grumpy and find I need to sit down and create something and it will make me feel better. I get all creatively constipated or something and need to let it all out once in a while.
You know those Adopt A Mile signs on the highway? I used to love reading them and I dreamed of the day when I could adopt my own. Why? Because I thought it said "Adopt A MULE" and I desperately love horses. It wasn't until I was nearly 20 that my mom nearly peed her pants laughing as she told me about my mistake. Also, my grandma had me CONVINCED that those screaming fireworks, you know the ones that whistle as they come down, were midgets stuffed in the...
It would never have even occured to me to leave the shoes. I would take them for sure.
Just to clarify...we don't do juice. Dunno why I'm hung up on that, but juice bugs me to no end. Ok, I will see if she won't add in a couple more nursing sessions before her naps and I will cut out the cow milk. Let's see how that goes for a couple of days.
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