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Under 2 they have to be in your arms for take-off and landing but can sit in their seat, with no carseat, for the rest of the flight. After 2 they can sit in the regular seat with just the seatbelt for the whole flight.
So last year, after Panda's medical coupons expired, I was able to get health insurance for the first time in almost 15 years! Holy Moly! We have been living in Olympia for 2 years and Panda is still with her pediatric naturopath in Seattle. (Well, she hasn't seen her since her 18mo. well child appointment.) We love her doctor (Tami Cullen), but know we need to find one closer to home. Either a naturopath or a pediatrician who is non-vax friendly. I need to find a doc...
I like Axel.
We have it and love it! I don't have a tape measure, but it has fit fine with 2 different Ikea tables and it fits our round table out in the yard.
I do it alllllll the time!
My friend Patsy Grace is an amazingly talented musician, artists, single mom in New Orleans, with the sweetest little boy. When I was there earlier in the year I hired her to paint a portrait of Panda. It takes her some time to complete the portraits but it is worth the wait! I cried when I opened the email with the picture! I can't wait for it to get here. I can't even imagine how stunning it is in person:cry: http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g1...dapainting.jpg If...
Quote: Originally Posted by flowers Love the work you do and ideals you hold kimya! ::: ::: It's all that keeps me from losing my mind (again).:::
Quote: Originally Posted by SleepyMamaBear Kimya, i LOVE that hug video. i would LOVE to be a part of a spiral hug That was in Barcelona. I have done that after hundreds of shows. Being in the middle of that is one of the best feelings ever.
I don't know if my daughter is a crystal but when we are in the car I always have to look back at her because certain songs just make her sob uncontrollably. There are songs of mine I had to stop playing at shows because of how much they upset her. And she is always asking if people are happy. I told her once that I was a little sad and she was genuinely concerned petting me saying "bye-bye sad" over and over. She turned 2 at the end of July and she is very special.
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