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i guess the whole thing was mainly that i felt manipulated into saying okay to medication. i felt that it wasn't explained clearly, and that made me feel like a kid. all seems well so far, since i stopped taking it. i have been up since 4am but that is because this little baby is so wiggly!!!
good luck! big hugs!
thanks for the tips, i am not normally yeasty so i am just figuring this one out! as for the bleeding...i think i am just really sensitive down there. my guess is that my urethra was irritated from having sex over the weekend for the first time in a couple of months (something i told my midwife and both doctors). that combined with peeing all the time and wiping with toilet paper. after i started wiping with cloth wipes it stopped. how do you do a peroxide flush?
soooo, last sunday night when i went pee there was a little bit of blood. i called my midwife and since there were no symptoms of preterm labor and it was just a tiny bit of blood she told me to sleep and call her in the morning. in the morning there was still blood when i wiped so i checked myself with a mirror and saw that it was coming from my urethra. i called her back and she told me to come in. she did a UA and a cervical exam and confirmed that it was my urethra...
at my last appointment MW said she wasn't sure which way baby is facing. i can't tell for sure either. i am almost 33 weeks and have only gained 11 pounds because i already have a lot of padding that is why it is hard to feel what is what on the baby but it feels like it is moving all over the place. it is frustrating because even though MW said she thinks it might be head up i don't want to do anything in case it isn't really. i may have to go get a 34 week ultrasound to...
Quote: Originally Posted by SabbathD Are ya sure that you aren't just looking out the window at our gloomy seattle weather (yup, I'm up here too.) and getting tired from that? Goodness it's crappy out up here. yeah, it was sooo nice. then it got kind of poopy out again. yesterday i floated around in the greenlake pool for an hour and a half and that felt good but then i was out of commission for the rest of the day!
for the past few days whenever i eat i get really tired, no matter what i eat. it is like every ounce of my being is working to digest the food. has anyone else experienced anything like this? it makes me almost not want to eat anything but i know i have to so i force myself. the only foods i want at all are blueberries and cherries. YAWWWWN.
my iron is really low too so just reintroduced kale, beets, and quinoa into my diet. i like quinoa because it is so versatile. i make a pot of it in the morning (cooks like rice) and have it for breakfast either as a hot cereal with rice milk and fruit or lightly salted like grits with an egg. and then i eat the rest for lunch or dinner just like rice. it is softer and fluffier than rice. it is one of those foods i love and forget about for months. but i always come back...
i passed too! my midwife said my level was lower after one hour with the double dose than it was after 1 hour of the single dose. i don't understand why, but i won't complain!
i am a musician so i, luckily, am able to have as flexible of a schedule as i need, playing some shows here and there. i did get pregnant 2 months into a 3 month tour of europe, so the 1st month of the pregnancy baby was in barcelona, england, france, belgium, holland, sweden, denmark, germany, and switzerland! and then had a week long trip bobbing around in the mediterranean in tel aviv. now i just stay pretty local. i got asked to play a big outdoor festival in seattle...
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