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I am surprised by the reaction. What if you had them all in a box that said "undies". If someone needs underpants they can look in the box. And the totally wimpy squeamish people don't have to see them and vomit.
Quote: Originally Posted by boysrus I am in Olympia, Washington. But there are these little oases all over the country. I just wanted to let those who don't live in one know that they really and truly do exist So, why haven't we met yet?! Were you at the procession? I really loved it and it made me love this town BUT I wondered where all those awesome families hide the rest of the time.
Does the scenera have locking clips for seatbelts that don't lock?
I just finished recording 9 crunchy songs for babies!
Quote: Originally Posted by sevenkids The big deal of it is when you get ordered out of your car, searched, background checked (for outstanding warrants, you know) for a broken tail light instead of issued a warning or a ticket. The big deal of it is when police stop you, you get thrown to the ground with your arms twisted behind your back, and a gun pointed at your head because you're walking to the train station after work at 11 pm. The big deal...
Quote: Originally Posted by joensally I would agree that the social norms online are different from those IRL. It is more difficult to call foul IRL in social situations. Especially if you have seen how violently that can turn out.
I know I am not the only one who has experienced awful stuff. The examples I gave are the worst of it. Sadly, I could go on and on.
Sorry, I should have said no "big deal". instead of "no big deal".
Quote: Originally Posted by joensally I am so sorry. thanks.
Yeah, it was pretty hard to laugh it off when those skinheads followed me around saying they were going to rape and murder me, and when I got away they murdered a friend of mine who was Korean. It wasn't even remotely "no big deal" when I had to identify them in mug shots and check in with the police twice a day. The racism definitely existed when they were in jail and their buddies knocked the door to my apartment off the hinges and I had to move. No laughing...
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