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We found a saline pool in our town and decided that would be better than chlorine for Panda's first trip to the pool. And they keep it REALLY warm. We went during open swim time yesterday. When we got in the water she was fine for about 2 minutes and then she started SCREAMING like she was being tortured. So I got out and wrapped her in a towel and sat by the side of the pool but she was shaking and couldn't calm down. SO I took her in the locker room into one of the small...
Quote: Originally Posted by SabbathD Kimya! I lived in Castle Rock for what....14 years? Graduated from that high school, lived out on Wolfensburger road. Wow, I haven't thought about that for a long time.......so cool!!! That's cool!!! It's a weird town. When did you leave? It is SOOOOO developed. It kind of scares me. It reminds me of the town in Edward Scissorhands. I bet kids run into the wrong house all the time!
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueIrises I'm totally in the minority on this product...and it is by no means in the same class as all of the other products listed here,...I personally just don't see a need for them... Babylegs...: When you are covering that much of the leg...just put a pair of leggings on...I try to rationalize the need maybe for a girl, but then I just say put tights on... Okay you can all stone me now No stones. We...
They were born October 30th and Jaden just turned 3.
Where do you live?! You and your twins should hang with my sil and her twins!!!
Here's some pics from our last trip!!! http://users.livejournal.com/kimya_dawson_/260910.html
Thanks Mama.
Great!!! Thanks!!!
Good luck. Your baby is BEAUTIFUL.
I am sure this has been discussed before but I can't find the old thread. One of my band's songs is going to be in a movie, performed by the two stars of the movie and the director just invited me, DH, and Panda to be on set the day of the shoot!!! Super exciting (Jason Bateman is in the movie- and the 11 year old in me is pooping my pants). BUT it is being filmed in Vancouver next week : Do we need a passport for Panda? I am not too concerned about getting into...
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