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Quote: Originally Posted by thatblondegirl i had a lot of sex dreams while prego with ds. but no drive when i was awake!! yet another reason why i wanted to sleep all day! LMAO! That is me to a "T", except I had a girl last time and am due to have another girl this time around. I sure like the idea of sleeping all day though!
so glad to hear things are looking more positive for you. I have been diagnosed with "not quite marginal" and I believe I was at .7mm at my last appointment. I won't be checked again for another 8 weeks or so, but hopefully it'll be clear soon! It's given me alot of hope to read your thread.
You may try x-posting this in the "pets" forum as there are several very dog savvy individuals in there that can offer you much insight. I'm concerned about your statement "DH was getting after him for going the bathroom in the house". I don't know what you mean by that, but it sounds as if the dog felt threatened. Do you crate train the dog? If not, I would strongly suggest reading up on it and starting with that, it should help with the housebreaking. My dd is...
You can see an "application" by checking out the link below for the rescue I volunteer for, print it out (if it can be printed) and select the questions you feel are most important. Check vet references and personal reference too if you can. A home visit would also be a good idea. Use your common sense, if you feel something is "off", move on to the next candidate. Good luck, I'm sorry you are faced with this decision! www.boxerbuddies.org
I agree with all that is being said here, but wanted to add that in addition to what others have said, if possible go with a 401 c (registered) nonprofit rescue organization. And look for a rescue that has their dogs in foster care and not in a kennel situation. I think it really helps them get to know their true personalities if they can witness them first hand how they interact with and respond to the events of daily routines of people's every day lives. A good...
Boxer lover, owner and rescue group volunteer here and I just wanted to say that while I agree with absoultely everything that has been posted here (I'm the first one to say not to support a BYB and to go with rescue etc). And absolutely do not take a puppy from a breeder before 8 weeks of age (give or take a couple of days). However I think people are failing to recognize the fact that you will be getting the puppy for free (hench would not be supporting the breeder...
I'm not sure what you need repaired, but I just sent 4 of mine to HH for repairs and they did it for no charge and I had no idea how old the dipes were, only that they were all most probably purchases around 8-16 months ago. I do have to do some swaddlebees that I need to fix, so this thread is great.
I too may be on for an Oct IVF if things don't pick up for me this cycle. My (estrodiol???) level was low on wed. They upped my doses of menpuor and gonal f and are hoping things pick up by Sat. If not they may have to change my meds/doses and we'll have to pass this round. I was so not prepared for this. I was prepared for "overactivity" and also going through the process and it not working, but not this. It is just so incrediably frustrating. This is our first...
Thanks so much! Good luck to you as well!
Anyone else doing IVF this month? This will be our first IVF and I would love to have the support of others going through this as well, anyone with me?
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