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Juliette Ann was born Saturday at 2:45 AM after just 2.5 hours of labor! She was born in the water into my arms :) 7 pounds, 11 oz., 20.5" My milk came in yesterday and she's nursing beautifully :) My recovery has been amazing and I actually feel back to normal for the most part, unbelievably! Her older sisters and brother are in love <3  
Im 38 weeks tomorrow and definitely uncomfortable...lots of ctx. But Im sure labor is not imminent, as this happened with my others. hcorona226 I am totally jealous of your Halloween baby, I want one of those! Its my fav holiday ;)
Same thing happened to me :) I worried too!
HMM. Dhyana Heller may travel that far...what city exactly? She is my midwife and I <3 her!
I have an Ava, and have no regrets :) And, by some miracle, after 2 years of preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade- she has been the only Ava!
Hello :) I am an IBCLC and work with Diana West (author of Making More Milk) so I definitely recommend that!  And I am glad you found bfar.org. I would also suggest lowmilksupply.org- the companion site to the book.  What type of reduction did you have?  A lot of times that can make a big difference in how much milk you are able to produce.  Definitely getting set up with a hospital grade pump ahead of time (with correct-fitting flanges! Almost nobody fits in the...
We are looking at new minivans and want to get a 2012 chrystler town & country...only problem is there is just 1 TT anchor in the 3rd row I have a tiny 24-pound DD rear-facing in a britax advocate in the second row captains chair, a new baby coming in November who will be in a Chico keyfit probably, in the other captains chair second row, and my older two (DS is almost 5, 45', 50 pounds in a britax frontier 85 SICT, and DD who is 47' and about 48 pounds, but will be 7 in...
My midwife charges $2900 for first babies, $2500 for subsequent ones with her. I have had to may minor amounts for my U/Ss which are covered through insurance, and I will pay her $75 for a birth pool liner. All prenatals are covered in this cost, and I can pay her however I want- monthly, or all up front one month before birth.  I would pay $50-$100 for a prenatal if I was you :)
We decided almost immediately on names this time around, which is crazy and makes me want to keep looking for the fun of it :)   Juliet Anne for a girl (Anne after my sister and DH's late sister) Jax Lincoln (Lincoln because we are obsessed with prison break, and it just flows ;)   I also kind of like Isel (ee-sill) for a girl, and Senna. If DD was a boy we would have named her Brian, but Im not a huge fan of it anymore.
With my first daughter I didn't know I was pregnant until about 4-5 weeks and drank pretty heavily because my husband and I had our engagement party...I was freaked out, and she was fine.  I think I pretty much abstained with #2 except maybe a glass of wine at the very end. With #3 I did have an occasional drink throughout the 2nd and 3rd trimester, but always things like sangria I made myself, which was just a little bit of wine with a lot of juice or soda...I did have...
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