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Ok, so I think I am starting to feel the teeniest of flutters. 9 weeks today. I felt them starting at 10 weeks with DD. The only way I can explain it is its like a bubble is floating in my uterus and touched the wall. I usually have to be sitting at my computer or in the car to feel it I guess because of the position. So exciting!
I can only share a personal experience :) I became very unexpectedly pregnant when I was 22 with my first daughter, and even though I had just graduated college and was engaged, was NOT ready- it was the worst news ever to me at the time. I had NO health insurance, and I seriously considered abortion.  As I was researching things tearfully over my keyboard, a friend's IM popped up (yes, AOL Instant Messenger, this was 8 years ago, lol) and in her profile read the quote:...
I am with you! I have had three healthy babies in a row, no miscarriages. I figured with baby #4 my time must be due, right? I know SO many friends who have suffered losses and it doesn't seem right to sail through another perfect pregnancy again. I decided to have an early "viability scan" just to see the heartbeat and make myself not worry so much, and it has worked. I know anything can happen even still, and I was worried about the missed miscarriage thing too. It WAS...
I am taking Levothyroxine for my thyroid antibodies- my thyroid function is normal, but apparently having antibodies increased the risk for miscarriage so I am taking this like I did with my last pregnancy.  Also, Valtrex as needed though I am trying to avoid it in the first trimester.
  I know I said I was only having one U/S at 20 weeks, but couldn't wait! I needed this pregnancy to feel real! Also, a part of me is so in disbelief that one can have 4 healthy pregnancies in a row without having a miscarriage that I have felt like this must be the time it happens, because nobody gets that lucky :( I have so many friends who have had multiple losses, and I just keep waiting for it to happen.   But alas the little bean measured exactly where...
With #3 I felt the teeniest of flutters at 10 weeks, I swear it!
I have been itchy too!!! My legs are so itchy but there's nothing there, lol. Definitely dry lips and a dry mouth too. And water doesn't satisfy me- it has to be juice, with ice. Nausea has waned, much like it did with the others. I was tired a few weeks ago but that's better too. Peeing at least once a night.
With this one (#4) we won't need too much stuff. Although stupid me got rid of all my baby stuff, sigh.  I think I will invest in a nice double stroller (sit n stand probably), a new infant seat, bouncer and swing (that I will get in neutral colors so I can give them to my sister who will be TTC soon). If its a boy, all new clothes (grr! Im such an idiot!) and thats about it :)   As an IBCLC in private practice may I give a little advice about used breast pumps (what...
This will be my third pregnancy I am nursing through and DD2 is 2.5...she likes to nurse a LOT, but its kinda painful and annoying so I am limiting it.  I tandemed with my first two and can't say I loved it so if she chose to wean by 3 that would be great! :)
I have been pretty queasy on and off for the past few weeks. I was 6 weeks yesterday! Today I came close to throwing up, but I was exactly like this with other 3 kiddos- never quite threw up, but definitely nauseous. And brushing my teeth makes me gag and sometimes throw up. And some days I feel perfectly fine! So weird.
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