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We have told family and close friends, the kids, and my colleagues who are like family to me. And a few others. But waiting until Mothers Day to announce on FB- its also our 6th wedding anniversary so it seems appropriate :)
Amila, EDD November 6, and I think its a boy :)
This is baby #4, 3rd homebirth, and I think this pregnancy will be the least invasive yet. With DD I had the whole gamut, from betas, to a few USs, to routine bloodwork, triple screen, glucose yuck, etc. With #2 I had 2 US, and bloodwork, with #3 I actually had a lot of crazy worries erupt from stupid testing- the early US I had at 7 weeks, which I just got because I got early ones with the other two, they found a subchorionic hemmhorage, which led to another 3 or 4 US,...
I have ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura) which means unspecified low platelets. This is an autoimmune thing and usually accompanies another autoimmune thing (I have hashimotos as well) my normal range is 140, and I thinks they got down to 105 in my last pregnancy but it wasn't concerning and I went on to have a normal home birth. Not sure if I will even get tested this time around because it stresses me out too much. I have also heard that its not a problem unless...
Hello all! My name is Amy, and please ignore my very out of date signature, gotta figure out how to fix that! This is baby #4... I have a 6.5 DD, a 4.5 DS, and a 2.5 DD...we planned this one and got pregnant on the first try, although I still am in shock that I am going to have 4 kids! Got a +++ on 9 DPO, and have had some mild queasiness since 11 DPO...due Nov 6/7. Kinda stressing about telling family who I know will think we are crazy :( But happy to be here...
With DD1, she was a surprise, so I guess that counts, with DS1, I was still breastfeeding, but we caught the first PP egg with charting. With DD2, I was breastfeeding, and charting and I think it took 2 or 3 cycles, and with this little bean, I am breastfeeding but had resumed normal periods for close to a year, and with charting got pregnant the first try :)
Hi! I am due November 6. Got a BFP at 9 DPO..this will be #4 for us :)   Amy
1. Preferred name: Amy 2. EDD (estimated due date): November 6 3. How long TTC (trying to conceive): 1 month! 4. Part of the country you live in: PA  5. How many kids you have: 3 6. Profession: IBCLC in private practice (lactation consultant) 7. Hoping for a boy or girl (or don't care either way) and why: Hoping for a boy since we have 2 girls and 1 boy, but will be happy with whatever we get :)   I should technically be in the November DDC, but its not...
Hi! I am hanging out here until the November DDC opens :) Due November 6. We are thinking of:   Jax Michael or Juliet Rose   I already have a Lila, Ava, & Gavin :)
Had DS at home out of water and dont remember the ring of fire so much but it was excruciatingly painful anyway.  Had DD in the water and the ring of fire was awful, but the rest of it was more bearable. If I had to pick Id do it in the water again!
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