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I tend to go overboard on holidays :)  Each kids gets a basket with stuff like crayons, bubbles, a few pieces of chocolate, coloring book, kite, stuffed animal...that kind of stuff.  Im thinking of getting something this year that will last a bit longer though- Insect Lore has some awesome stuff like ladybug land and anthills that I know my kids would love.  We dye eggs, and do several egg hunts, plus a nice brunch with family. I probably spend $30 on each basket, less...
It IS, and we desperately need it so we can pay down some of our debt...ugh. I know its a "drop in the bucket" compared to what I dealt with as a child (long car rides with my dad smoking with the windows shut, constant smoking in the house all the years growing up, but still. Its not ok, and I don't want my kids exposed at ALL, but its a hard situation.  I certainly would never allow smoking around them ever, but this is a little different, right?
Well, he is actually building a house next to us, but his is going to be built first, so it would be a brand new, smoke free house, if that means anything.
We are building a house, and have the option of living with my dad for a year, or renting an apt.  My dad is a chain smoker, and smoked around me and my sis our entire lives (ick) but he agreed to not smoke in the house while we were living there. I still hate having my babies exposed in any way, but we would be saving like $18,000. I guess its a concern of "third hand" smoke. WWYD?
I felt #1 at 16 weeks, #2 at 15 weeks, and #3 at 10 weeks! Totally possible :)
Ok...as someone who had upwards of 40-50 partners (I cannot honestly count) between ages 15 and 21, I can probably give my 2 cents here.  I am so disgusted just writing that, and am so very thankful to have been with my husband faithfully for six years now, with three beautiful kiddos, and he loves me despite this.  My parents have been divorced for many years and I have always had a rocky relationship with my dad, and maybe was seeking something from these men i wasn't...
Hi :) I grew up in Warren County, and have to say i didn't love it.  I went to Warren Hills, and it was not the best high school (not that that will be an issue for you).  I wouldn't say that area is all that eco-friendly (at all) and I don't know of any good markets or anything. My dad still lives on montana mountain in broadway (between washington and pburg) but hes moving out to the Lehigh valley to be by us and also to escape the high taxes.  I feel like WC is still...
All 3 kids non-vaxed completely. DD, 4.5, DS, 2.5, and DD 3 months...   Both older kids eat pretty darn well. They snack on fruits and veggies all day long. We aren't too restrictive about not allowing sugary snacks, juice, occasional fast food, etc because they eat so much good stuff usually that I don't think it matters that much.   DD is now in her second year of preschool and has *maybe* missed 3 days total. And one of those was from pink eye.  She tends to...
just a basic panel so you can see his vitamin levels.
Im a LC in training, and we are supposed to read this document in regards to complementary foods:    http://whqlibdoc.who.int/paho/2003/a85622.pdf   Its very detailed and will def answer your question.   I would probably be a little concerned, maybe have him tested?
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