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Its no wonder this poor little thing finally caught a cold- she was coughed on by DD before the cord was even cut. My entire family has all been sick at some point since the day i went into labor. Horrible hacking coughs, fevers, sore throats, ugh. And try teaching an excited 4-year old and a 2-year old #1 to cover their mouths, and #2 to keep away from their new baby sister. Sigh. I thought my breastmilk would offer her protection, but now it looks like shes got a bit...
We are! With the other two we always had intentions of using the crib/co-sleeper, but they ended up in our bed anyway, so this time we didn't even set up the crib- we sold it lol. My little angel sleeps so well right next to me- she sleeps alll night long, only waking for a quick bite here and there. Shes such a good little girl :) Only thing is that sometimes it is uncomfortable for me to constantly sleep in one position, and she wakes if i turn my back to her, which is...
DD turned 4 in july and has a radian with a 45 lb rfing limit. She is 33 lbs, lol. I turned her a month ago due to configuration issues in my minivan with the arrival of #3. If I could have kept her rfing I would have, but I felt ok turning her.
I posted about this a few months ago...friend of mine on facebook is pretty convinced her baby and several others contracted botulism from these...not sure whats the truth but Ive heard her case spurred this recall...that being said I love hylands and will miss these!
http://www.flickr.com/photos/45582209@N07/5142073853/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/45582209@N07/5142074851/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/45582209@N07/5142679896/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/45582209@N07/5142680362/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/45582209@N07/5142076285/
I am a little worried about my beautiful 1-week old DD. At her first check up the dr. noticed a very tiny sacral dimple with a small tuft (barely noticeable). It is very shallow, small, and close to her butt- he wasn't concerned and said worst case it will form a cyst. Well I was looking at it today, and I noticed she also has a small "stork mark" about 2-3 inches up from the dimple, right on her spine. My understanding is that these could be signs of spinal issues? She...
Lost her cord stump! WOO HOO!
Im sooooo happy to have my newest little pumpkin, and three wonderful happy, healthy children...but a little part of me i so sad to know I will never ever be pregnant again And to think one week ago I was dying to get her out!
Lila is 3 days old and soooo sweet! She just sleeps, eats, and smiles Wakes at night to eat, passes right back out. Doesn't cry unless shes getting her diaper changed. LOVES the sling, but will sleep in her bouncy seat. My other two kids are adjusting well! My waterbirth was so amazing, and I feel so great- I was at Target 24 hours after she was born. Some may call that nuts, but thats just how we roll in this family, lol. On the go- I needed my starbucks, lol. Aside from...
OP, I could have wrote your post word for word. I do all the same things you do, and have all the same fears. You aren't alone. It sucks big time. My hypochondria comes and goes in waves, but when its bad, its bad. *hugs*
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