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Is this your first? I remember bleeding for like 5 weeks with #1. When you do bleed, is it soaking through pads? I wouldn't be concerned with the fact that you are still bleeding., only if it was excessive.
Sooo I had my baby, and she was there! It was GREAT! I had an wonderful, textbook homebirth, and I am so glad she was there to witness it! She videoed, and helped the midwife with a few things (like helping her draw cord blood). Midwife's assistant was sick, so I said I was ok with her helping out a little bit. She was simply AMAZED and had never seen anything close to a natural birth. So, overall, it was GREAT!!!
My baby girl made her entrance this afternoon around 12:30!!! My labor technically started at 9 last night, but I went to bed, went for a three mile walk with the hubby this AM, and things didn't get too bad until about an hour before! I only had about 6 really awful contractions before she was out! I pushed her out in about 10 min (boy i forgot how much that hurts!). My last homebirth with DS was much much more painful! woo hoo! She is perfect! 7 lbs 7 oz, 20 1/4...
Ctx have been 2-5 min apart. Of course this has to happen now, right? DD- 4 just came downstairs and is clearly getting something. Feverish, coughing, has that sick look about her... How do I deal with this if I have a newborn tomorrow?!?!
She has seen the business of being born, as well as some other midwife attended births on video- just never a homebirth in reality
macandcheese! Are you a part of the ecomoms here in the LV? If not you should be! http://www.meetup.com/Lehigh-Valley-EcoMoms
Yes, I think I will meet her beforehand. And my midwife already assured me that it would be just like she wasn't there- literally just sitting back and watching. I would NOT be cool with her participating in any way. I think if all goes as planned this could indeed be a major blessing for hundreds of future women (unless of course something goes wrong and shes turned off from natural birth forever!) Hopefully that won't happen though
I am 39w5 days, so due the 21st. Both of mine came at 39w4d so this is the longest I have ever been preg! I want her OUT! I have lots of annoying prodromal crap too- just waiting for the real thing here.
Ok, so my midwife approached me yesterday...her liason at the hospital (a family doctor friend of hers, who calls the on duty OB in case of transfers) knows a resident who is very interested in learning more about homebirth. This resident wants to attend a few, and my midwife asked me, as I am due any day now. She is a woman, who would only be there to observe, and would basically just be sitting there in the background the whole time. She would want to meet me...
I took out the captains chair behind the driver to create an aisle, and used LATCH in the 3rd row. But according to my manual you have to have all the seatbacks at the same angle, so you can't have half of the back down, unfortunately. HTH!
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