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DS got it right around 3 weeks and it has finally subsided now at 5 weeks- ick! Only to be replaced with cradle cap.
We like this one: http://www.babyage.com/products/3789...lity_chart.htm
We got an organic mattress from www.organicgrace.com and it was only $215, with free shipping. I feel better about it for my little guy, but for my DD's toddler bed we have a regular one with an organic pad.
We use Nature Babycare disposable diapers- they are compostable. Even the packaging them come in is compostable. And they work really well too!
I got DD the Foogo cups- they constantly STINK, even if they are fresh out of the dishwasher, and have only had water in them. Its gross. Plus Dd chews the rubber spout. I have gone through 3 Sigg bottles- DD unscrews the top, and chews the rubber seal (Do I have a dog for a child, you ask? Lol) I found Avent plastic toddler sippys with HARD spouts, and they are BPA free. They don't retain nasty smells. How bad are these? Going to look into the Kleen Kanteen sippys...
http://www.licemd.com/ I saw this advertised in some magazine- its pesticide free, so I am sure its better than the conventional OTC lice treatments. GL!
I had my baby July 10, my other baby turned 2 on July 19. Can't get closer to 2-year spacing than that It is hard. But I know how much my DD loves her little brother NOW, so they will only get to be better friends as they get older. My DD has lots of friends with little brothers/sisters, so that helped. We prepped her during pregnancy a lot too. She instantly loved him the moment she met him. There have not been any instances of her acting out toward him (aside form...
Pro-intact. I think circumcision is cruel and unnecessary, but I don't choose my friends, or break friendships based on other's choices regarding it. And I don't necessarily go out of my way to advocate for it, aside from stating my opinion and offering facts and reasons to back it why I left my son intact, if the conversation comes up. I think it is unfortunate that some of my friends have chosen to circumsize their boys, but I can only offer what information and...
I have a very spirited 2-year old daughter, who is bursting at the seams with personality. She is a delight, and also a handful- has been since birth. I also have a one-month old boy who is an ANGEL child, lol. Easiest baby ever. Doesn't cry unless hes hungry, and it extremely calm and just such a good boy. My mom and my sister get "annoyed" after spending a few hours with me and my kids. I can just tell that the crying and whining and general toddler craziness...
I really liked it also. I wrote him an email to tell him so, and he replied
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