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I would try her on Primal Defense probiotic and see if that helps, it is a soil based probiotic which is thought to be better for dogs. I would also consider consulting with a homeopathic vet for help her heal from the vaccinosis.
 This has been noted by others also that the level of ASD kids with ID seems to be leveling out or declining and we are seeing more Autism Lite. Here are two articles from AoA that discusses both points. This article is a very in depth look at the latest CDC figures and clearly shows that there is some inconsistency with the reporting, that muddies the...
42. Dr Vera Scheibner, http://www.vierascheibner.org/
Rob Schneider said at the Autsim Conference last weekend that there were celebrities that don't vax, but won't speak out at this point. Hopefully they will find some courage and safety in numbers and will say something.
38. Dr Randall Tent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuDvRSvyz5Y   39.Dr Lawrence Palvesky http://www.drpalevsky.com/about.asp
 Unless vaccines are the Holy of Holies and it is blasphemy to question or criticize them.
 There are three strains of mumps virus that have been used in vaccines, Jeryl Lynn, Urabe, and Rubini. I don't have time to read through these two papers, as I have something I need to do and it would only serve to have me stall even further. The Urabe strain appears to be the most effective, but it was also the most dangerous, and eventually banned, and then there is the Rubini strain, which appears to be the least effective and was discontinued. Mumps Outbreaks in...
Congratulations to you both and welcome Quinnlyn!    
28. Dr Philip Incao 29. Dr Bernard Rimland
The latest autism figures are for current 12 year olds so they would not have been diagnosed using the criteria from DSM - V.
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