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Well, now Paul Offit wants journalists jailed for "faulty medical reporting".  What a joke:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidkroll/2014/03/29/dr-paul-offit-journalism-jail-for-false-equivalence-medical-reporting/  Oops, Dr Boyd, anyone?  
This is a video of UK medical journalist Janine Roberts on how vaccines, and especially measles vaccine is made.   No actual measles virus has been purified, and all live viral vaccines are minimally purified, so any number of viruses, prions, chicken cell fragments, DNA fragments, RNA fragments and oncogenes could be in the vaccines. At no point is the measles virus seen, at no point is measles virus proven to cause disease. It gets worse.....       The CDC paper...
Part 1: http://gaetacommunications.com/site/?p=1092  Part 2: http://gaetacommunications.com/site/?p=1162  
It was posted on facebook, I think it is a Brisbane paper.
Well, this is interesting.  The future of measles in highly immunized populations. A modeling approach.Levy DL.JournalAm J Epidemiol. 1984 Jul;120(1):39-48.   As the author states, the model did not take into account waning immunity which we are obviously seeing now with many cases in older twice vaccinated persons.  And he concluded that if current practices [of suppressing natural immunity] continue, by the year 2050 a large part of the population will be at risk and...
Land's End? My DD is older and NT, but I think she would still have been okay with clothes from Land's End at the age of your DD. Most of her clothes came from Hanna Andersson, but I did find the larger sizes didn't fit a kid on the skinny side that well. 11 is a difficult age, they are neither one thing nor the other.
Epidemic of Mumps among Vaccinated Persons, the Netherlands, 2009–2012   Abstract To analyze the epidemiology of a nationwide mumps epidemic in the Netherlands, we reviewed 1,557 notified mumps cases in persons who had disease onset during September 1, 2009–August 31, 2012. Seasonality peaked in spring and autumn. Most case-patients were males (59%), 18–25 years of age (67.9%), and vaccinated twice with measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (67.7%). Nearly half (46.6%) of cases...
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