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I'm out, AF came 2 days late and only stayed 3 days. We're done.
Quote: Originally Posted by ShwarmaQueen Laying flat causing the yuck to run out of me really quickly... Yep, and getting up too soon to use the bathroom leaves a trail behind me....TMI much?
Quote: Originally Posted by kparker Thankful and First Shot, we're cycle buddies! I'm due for AF on the 12th SHARP. Let's all hold out until Friday the 13th or VDAY to test! Go go! Can I join you ladies also? AF is due here 12th sharp as well. I got BFNs today, but still feel something, so I guess I'm not convinced yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by kparker *angry face* They rescheduled my MRI to Friday since I have the vague possibility of being pregnant. Darn my no-test promise, I could have peed on a stick and gotten my head scanned today! It was funny though, they said, "Uh, so you aren't sure if you're pregnant or not...?" (both men) and I was like, nope, but I'll know in a few days. "Okay, when do you want to reschedule, next week sometime?" I said that Friday...
I'm 14dpo and 2-3 days from AF's usual arrival, and got 3 BFNs today - one internet cheapie, one Answer, and one Equate (Walmart brand).
Great looking thread, thanks minsca!! I'm still WTK, at 13dpo w/AF due around Thursday.
pacificbliss and autumnlaughing -
I find that I definitely notice it more lately. Not that it's not true that there are more people pregnant now than "usual", but I'm more attuned to it. I see newborns and infants everywhere I go these days too.
Anyone "shooting" for one specifically, and what's your strategy? Both my boys are definitely Shettles boys, though not intentionally. We'd of course be happy either way, but I'm pining for a girl. Mama's tired of being outnumbered by her men, lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by KaliShanti Pretty sure I'm out. Spotting a bit and temp dropped a lot. It's early at 10DPO. Normal LP is 14 days.. Thinking positive for you!
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